Balm — effective relief to the hair

Balm - effective relief to the hair

Balms – effective assistance. Hair care in the modern sense can include a set of procedures after normal shampooing. Previously thought about the additional care less, because tap water contain less alkali. In this situation, if you wash the hair with shampoo and dry, then static electricity is inevitable, and this will greatly complicate the situation.

Making hair conditioner?

The alternative to all traditional methods of help restore hair beauty balm, which is applied immediately after shampooing. These balms give hair a healthy Shine, and also have properties to bring the pH of hair back to normal. In the end, they improve the overall condition of hair, due to the reflecting element. Another advantage of balms can be called smoothing the cuticle – outer covering, which in hard water often breaks, thus not allowing them to penetrate inside the hair of various harmful substances.

Types of conditioners for hair

Hair, basically, are divided into masks and conditioners. The first is much deeper penetrate the hair and make it extremely soft, and the latter can be easily washed off with water. But the difficulty lies in the fact that all kinds of balms differ in the way of their application.It depends on the manufacturer. In this regard, before using a new hair conditioner you should carefully read the manual, noting the method and duration of its application. Most often, the composition of care products includes a variety of oils and paraffin which are not dissolved by water, intentionally forming a thin film.

How to choose a balm?

For the right selection of funds to improve the quality of hair is needed in the first place, to determine their type: mixed, dry, smooth. After this self-analysis or expert opinion in this area, it will be much easier to develop techniques for proper use of all caregivers.

Extra moisture hair needs in the winter, using special shampoos, conditioners, masks and leave-in remedies. It is advisable and strongly recommended that they were all the same brand and professional series, as they are much more efficient. One of the best options in this case will be the conditioner for hair with vitamins. He is able to protect, strengthen and restore hair structure. The best one can be called «Balsam hair conditioner with strengthening wheat proteins and vitamin complex» manufactured by a Russian company BARK.

Balm - effective relief to the hair

Once a month, the stylists suggest to trim your hair at least half a centimeter. Through such simple manipulation of hair growth much aktiviziruyutsya. If in conjunction with this to use leave-in creams, gels and conditioners which are composed neutralase oil and hyaluronic acid, it is possible to keep the Shine, moisture and hair health.

However, you should always remember that all restoration funds are only certain times as it sprouted hair essentially dead already. This explains the impossibility of restoring split ends, although almost all manufacturers claim otherwise. However, properly selected shampoo and conditioner according to the type, structure and condition of hair, a full will be a great addition to constant hair care.

Important tip – how to properly apply shampoo and conditioner to hair

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