Bald men have. Dignity or disgrace?

Bald men have. Dignity or shame

Bald men may occur in old age and in youth. Someone thinks this is a sign of a great mind, and someone shy. Let’s try to define what bald-headed men: the dignity or shame?

So scared to be bald?

If virtually every woman fear # 1 – excess weight, the nightmare of all men is hair loss. Probably to a certain age everyone starts staring at the mirror in the morning, checking that fail not of their chic hair. And in case of detection of negative signs – fall into despair. «What?» – now this question would be, literally, to poison their lives, but actually the answer is simple. All the men that are worried about the lack of on your head of hair, you need to calm down and realize that nothing wrong with that. To be bald, that is, completely bald, with the effect of «shaved head«is not just different from the other, it is also to be the owner of a considerable list of advantages over those whose hair is still there.

If a man is bald, he doesn’t need to pay regularly to your busy schedule visiting the hairdresser. A Barber’s shop, for it can be useful only in case of presence of a beard or moustache. In addition, his budget does not suffer from the cost of shampoos, conditioners and other means for hair care. And, by the way, a bald man can never become white, so old.

A bald man will never be bothered by the question, do they look good after sleep and on how well the pillow has retained his hair. In the morning you can not even look in the mirror: woke up, washed up and run to work. People without hair, and, accordingly, without hair always looks good, regardless of weather conditions, visited a few hours ago the pool or poorly-chosen caps.

The benefits of baldness for men

The bald man looks older and generally more solid. And yet it is believed that men with shaved heads produce rough impression and look more manly. No wonder many of the heroes of Hollywood are the holders of such appearance. A rare person would refuse the comparison with Bruce Willis or VIN Diesel.

Completely bald man appears the more reason to experiment with a beard. You see, when a man and hairy, and bearded – it’s overkill. Rarely in this case will look tidy. But if the lack of vegetation on the head cleverly compensates neat goatee – that person will be doomed to the attention of women.

And to be bald is to get a chance to craft your unique, individual style. The man initially «not all», so why would this fact not to build in absolute dignity.

So the man with no hair to worry about. Unless, of course, he knows his worth and if he didn’t let past itself a woman, who will also be able to appreciate it.

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