Automatic blinds and shutters and their varieties

Automatic blinds and shutters and their varieties

The market of sun protection systems is now crowded with different offers. The innovative devices are automatic shutters. They are quite beneficial and convenient option. They can be installed in different rooms (apartments, country houses, offices, trade pavilions, etc.).

To open and close heavy aluminum shutters manual method is not easy. So thanks to the shutters can automatically by pressing just one button to operate the whole design. It is also possible remote control via the remote.

Types of electric actuators in automatic shutters

Automatic shutters, which can be bought at an affordable price, working on different drives:

  • Tubular electric drive is used in most cases. It is the perfect solution when auto design are mounted in openings of small size. The weight of the fabric and depends on the capacity of the drive. The main advantage of tubular motors is simple structure, compact size, attractive appearance. Most often, this actuator is mounted on a homemade shutters.
  • An external actuator capable of providing easy control of roller shutters and roller gates of different dimensions. Automatic shuttersthat you can buy on favorable terms may be made in any size, while their engine is so powerful that is able to cope with any weight without too much difficulty. Thanks to these dimensions don’t need to do the installation inside the engine shaft, so it installs next to it. If the motor will be on the street, then it should be wear protective cover. To install the external drive must be the case if automatic blinds are used extensively or have large dimensions or weight. It should be noted that this type of drive is intended for the installation of automatic relletov in the shopping pavilion.

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