Author’s supervision in construction

Author's supervision in construction

Supervision in the construction industry – is quality analysis, which identifies gaps in the implementation of projects. It is carried out at the stage of construction of the object. The goal of the designer is to analyze how the construction works conform to the provision of various documentation. The value of supervision is great. Not rare situations in which a contractor without having a serious reason, do not project in the construction process. Supervision helps to avoid this situation, allowing to achieve investment plan, to avoid unpleasant consequences in the future when use of the facility. Of course, in some cases, deviations from the project justified, then using the observation can be qualified to change the project.

The essence of supervision

Supervision of construction is carried out without tool, instrumentation. It is based on visual inspection, examination of documentation. In some cases, to determine how accurate are the project requirements, is impossible without such means. In such cases, the control combined with the use of appropriate tools.

Control associated with audits, which have a different focus. For example, is the observance of building technologies. Project documentation identifies the specific technology and ways of working. Also monitored the achievement of the design values. This means that the location, properties, and other characteristics of the facilities must be in accordance with the values of the project. A separate value is given to documentary verification. Documentation is populated based on actual displacement, it reflects the implementation of decisions. Thanks to the quality of the author’s control is ensured by the correctness and completeness of the reflection of the implemented solutions. There are other types of inspections.

Who conducts the supervision?

Given the importance of the event, should be entrusted to experienced, qualified professionals. They work in the company «Ekokhaus». On the website remont.ehg/ you can see the range of work of the company.

The company provides a variety of services associated with modern construction. Its employees carry out all checks that fall within the category of supervision in construction. The company’s experience of 15 years. During this time she has acquired an excellent reputation and have completed many orders, so it can safely be called a successful construction company, which has rich experience and large portfolio of completed projects.

The company offers affordable prices. If the project is large, the specialists are able to tailor system calculations. If you are creating a contract to perform repair work indoors, the interior design is created for free. Many customers order multiple types of services in the company, because we are confident in its efficiency and reliability. Now high-quality construction work available to everyone!

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