Attractions Croatia — the island of Lokrum

Attractions Croatia - the island of Lokrum

Speaking about the sights in Croatia it is impossible not to mention the island of Lokrum. It is located in the Adriatic sea, 700 meters from Dubrovnik. On the island of Lokrum can be reached by boat, which departs from the pier of Dubrovnik every hour. The island is very picturesque. He became famous for the fact that, according to legend, in 1192, to its shores washed a shipwrecked king Richard the Lionheart.

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The island of Lokrum is famous for the fact that there are Benedictine monastery, the Napoleonic Fort Royale and a beautiful Botanical garden. Today the island is declared a national nature reserve. Also on the island there is a small lake called «Dead sea». A lot of tourists tend to choose the tour to Croatia this way to see Dubrovnik and Lokrum island.

Monastery and Church of the Blessed virgin Mary was built in the year 1023. They were built by the citizens in honor of the miraculous salvation of the city from a fire that occurred on the day of St. Benedict. For the city built of wood the fire was considered a disaster. The monks lived on the island before 18006 year, when Napoleon’s troops captured him, built a Fort Royal and the monks were expelled from the island. Legend has it that the monks of this strange decision of the new government, as expected, was attended with humility and without saying anything, held in the Church of the monastery last service; and at night, they all lined up in a row at a slow pace three times went around the island with candles as a sign of the curse kept the flame down so that the melted wax drip onto the ground, cursing anyone who tries to use the island for their own purposes and pleasure, then all got into a boat and sailed, it is not known where. So it happened, all three of the nobles who took part in the expulsion of the monks were killed: one jumped out of the window, the second drowned on the way to the island, the third killed his own servant. Then the owner of the island has become a very rich man — captain Tomashevich, but, becoming the owner of the island, he quickly went bankrupt and was forced to sell it. The next owner of the island, Maximilian was captured and was killed in Mexico. The next owner of the island doctor of law, Jakopovic from Budapest was exposed as a cheater, and his only heir was drowned during a storm on the way to Lokrum. The next owners of the island were the Habsburgs, who are also not very well finished…

The Botanical garden on Lokrum island was built in 1859, when the owner of the island was Massimilian Archduke Ferdinand Habsburg. Here was located the summer residence. By order Massimiliana on the island were planted many exotic plants, trails studded with created stone and imported peacocks, which can be found today.

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