Attraction of virtual reality — a new round of civilization

Attraction of virtual reality - a new round of civilization

Attraction of virtual reality is an industry where you can start a business with very good income and a small investment at the start, as this 5D technology, and they now have great popularity and people are willing to pay for it. In this article we will focus on this type of business is the purchase of the attraction of » Virtual reality«.

To buy a virtual reality ride will be very easy, as there are a very large number of different suppliers, which can simply be found online. All this equipment is almost always the same, so do not choose a supplier with a reputation and look for it, because it’d be a waste of time. But still, if this provider directly under the eyes, it is best to choose a trusted.

What is a vr attraction?

3D virtual reality attraction is a Electromechanical platform in which people will be able to see 5D image, only by going there. It is also worth noting that in this platform is just incredible sound effects, so the good ones will not be avoided.

Business theme Park virtual reality

The most important thing is to choose a suitable place, which will be very high. Usually this place is a shopping Mall, which hosts about five thousand people at least. As a rule, customers will be enough, because this business now enjoys very high demand, and many feel it. You can easily find a virtual club in Moscow or any other big city.

A lot of people buy tickets just spontaneously passing by, so it should also be remembered that without good advertising profits will not be so good. You will need to create some visual signs that will help to advertise the attraction. Most importantly, the customers who pass by, saw what they will expect from this and there will be a spontaneous desire to buy a ticket to the attraction.

The platform itself is about 500 000 rubles. This is a fairly simple platform, but it will also use a good popularity, plus it doesn’t force the entrepreneur to spend a couple million just to open your business.

Target audience this business is teenagers and people under 35 years, they buy tickets for these rides more often. But this does not mean that people above also do not use it, they just buy the tickets less than the above audience. In fact, buying tickets, who wants to get unforgettable and thrill, and a lot of people.

The cost of 3d virtual reality ride

The cost of the ticket has a very great difference in different regions. It all depends on the solvency of the people. But usually people are willing to pay for this attraction is almost two times more than in the movie, and this movie is about 300-500 rubles, so for such an attraction people will pay about 600-900 rubles. Of course, it all depends on the attraction, and where it is located.

This business is highly dependent on his team, so pick people very carefully on this work. The best way is the decision to give the employees the bonuses that they will attract customers.

Plus this business is that even with a minimum number of customers will be possible to get a plus.