Astana and its main attractions

At present, Asian States just surprised by the level of development of culture and architecture. They have at their disposal a variety of entertainment programs, as well as natural splendor. Astanais the capital of Kazakhstan, a progressive and beautiful monuments, which are very like to visit for tourists. Of course, there are many photos of the beautiful sights of Astana, but worth it to see them first hand to enjoy this wonderful spectacle.

Modern architectural features of Astana

Journey through the beautiful capital of Kazakhstan – is, first and foremost, familiarity with the cultural values of Kazakhstan, the permanent traditions, embodied in a beautiful building, breathtaking. Guests will be able to glean a lot of useful information and the latest news on the website that covers the most important events of the country in General and capital in particular.

Baiterek, which is called the symbol of the city, is one of the original monuments. The Tree of Life, the perfect height and grace. According to local legend, is the symbol of goodness and peace, and it is located in the heart of Astana.

Many projects inspired by the historical past, surprised by the presence of incredible elements. For example, the Palace of peace and accord, built in the shape of a pyramid. It resembles the Egyptian model, but has differences from them is the presence of large concert halls, galleries and greenhouses.

One turns to see and explore the gorgeous countryside, the monuments and religion of the country, he is able to contemplate in miniature Astana. To do this, should visit the tour, which takes place in the presidential Palace «AK Orda».

Astana: you can relax body and soul

The historical heritage of the capital is decorated with many ancient sculptures and monuments scattered all over the place. Art lovers are invited, after a walk to visit the Russian drama theatre Gorky. Also worth a look in the mosque Khazret Sultan.

For modern youth it will be interesting to go to an entertainment center Mega. There you can buy national Souvenirs.

Can’t pass by Astana Circus. This building looks like a space saucer, filled with modern technology that provides brightness and beauty of the building. Therefore, there is always a lot of adults and children.

Cuisine of Kazakhstan also will not leave indifferent guests. She offers an unusual Asian specialities can be enjoyed in every restaurant in the capital. Due to the variety of dishes that every gourmet will be satisfied, and the cost of Goodies will surprise visitors.

Astana today is an ideal place for a cultural time, and the atmosphere of friendship and hospitality to be remembered for a long time.

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