Asphalt crumb — practical road surface

Asphalt crumb - practical road surface

When you build the roads and lay of the road surface, used by a huge number of different materials. Among them, one of the main is, of course, asphalt crumbs.

What are its advantages? Advantageous features of this material allow to use it to fill was formed in the road surface voids most tightly and effectively. Thus, one can save a lot of money and perfectly to do the job.

The advantages of the material and its use

Briefly they can be described in two words: unique properties and low cost.

Due to the small costs of such chips is very popular in a variety of work and development of coatings for roads in both the third and second category. So now to sell an asphalt crumb is a good business that provides a mutually beneficial partnership of the seller with the buyer.

In addition, this material has its own texture that provides the opportunity to actively use it in landscaping and home gardens of the people of the middle class. It’s about a very beautiful, pleasing to the eye silvery hue.

And this baby is very good in the construction of car parks, platforms for easy yards and garages.

In General, we can talk about the great versatility of this material, which is a great solution for a variety of coverages, and this endures any climate. That is, in a nutshell: will fit almost anywhere and everywhere.

The advantages of asphalt crumbs before sand and gravel

The main among them is very high packing density, which is comparable to the density of the asphalt. Thus a high resistance to the destructive effects of water and other negative external influences. As an additional binder used bitumen, which further condenses a solution.

Speaking of rubble, it has a nasty tendency to fly out of the wheels, thus damaging the body covering. Asphalt crumbs similar disadvantage is not.

As the work is done?

The whole process of preparing the road for asphalt crumb is so.

First, the road surface goes through a special heat treatment. The result is the appearance of an asphalt crumb. While this coating very quickly compacted with the use of special road equipment.

It is important to remember that the thickness of the chips should be at least 20 centimeters, as after rolling is reduced by half and she is already 10 centimeters.

And then a consolidation with the help of traffic.

What you need to know before buying asphalt crumbs?

First, the user needs to define the scope of the roadway and then to calculate the necessary materials needed for its conclusion. This manufactured for simple calculations. You first need to pre mark the area of the road, and then to multiply the amount that is the result, which is 0.2. The result of these calculations will be the right amount of crumb, immediately in cubic meters.

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