As served by septic tanks

As served by a septic tank of a country house

To increase the resource of the treatment plant, to ensure the safety of the ecology of the area and eliminate the soil contamination, need a qualified maintenance of septic tanks on an individual schedule. The price of services is much less than the elimination of the consequences of overflow or equipment failure. The subscription service ensures customers additional benefits.

Recommended frequency – serviced septic tanks twice a season for a cottage and half for garden, garden shed. Emergency cases are attended to by the service provider out of the lineup, which will help to maintain friendly relations with neighbors, which can also suffer from spilled sewage.

What is included in the service treatment plant

Depending on the type of Autonomous system of the Sewerage and wastewater treatment master specialized companies perform such operations:

  • overview – to clarify the scope of work, selection of equipment and technologies
  • cleaning cameras – pumping of sludge, collection of large inorganic insoluble fractions of garbage
  • dismantling – remove the pumps and compressors, rinsed receiving compartments, the pipes and replaced with membrane
  • cleaning the internal chamber surfaces VOCS or septic tank and the overflow pipe, washed with water pressure, sediments are scraped off
  • installation of pump and compressor equipment – checked for proper functioning and compliance with the declared characteristics

Advice of the masters involved in servicing LOS regularly, reduce the number of accidents, improve the quality and life of the equipment. Sanitation is a very important life support system, not to monitor it periodically, endangering the health of family members and the ecology of the site.

Benefits for the owner of battery drain

Long-term service contract with mainly one-time repair of equipment, as it has the advantages of:

  • confirms the reliability of the service provider and provides the best possible guarantee
  • cheaper monthly, defies inflation
  • increases the speed of response in case of emergency, that is, the team arrives at the object off of the queue
  • saves the environment of the site and relationship with neighbors
  • provides free advice on choosing equipment and its maintenance.

By increasing the daily water use of forced inactivity, aerobic treatment systems, dangerous loss of bacteria, other force majeure wizard will prompt rational ways of solving problems without reducing the quality of operation of battery drain.

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