As divided according to the depth of the well

as share-in the depth of the well

As our wells on the depth? Consumers who have a private housing in Kyiv region, to ensure their water are increasingly give preference to drilling, gradually abandoning the old-fashioned way – digging wells.

The reasons for drilling

  • Unlike the well does not require special space on the site, it is possible to drill what is called a «patch»;
  • Well may crumble, and it must be constantly monitored. Service almost not needed;
  • The water in the well there is almost always seasonal variations of special influence do not render. After the decision on drilling is taken, it remains to determine how deep it will be, and to this end, specialists, drillers held a special intelligence.

As divided according to the depth of the well

This gradation provides for the separation of the wells into three types:

  • 8-10 m (320 mm pipe) Such wells are drilled in cases when the water is near the surface, and to reach it, just walk the sandy layer. This the easiest option drilling operations, does not require sophisticated equipment. Given that the ball lies and shallow water, it can get into rainwater and in this regard produced water should be used for technical needs. If there is a need to use it for drinking or cooking, it will be necessary to install special filters. To ensure the flow of water in the right quantities, in the well established pump.
  • 10-50 m (tube of 50-133mm). It is a well of medium depth, which often serves as a water intake point on a temporary basis. Its lifetime depends on many factors, and as the practice can vary in range from one to two decades. For pumping water from wells used in her submersible centrifugal pump.
  • 50-130 m (pipe 159-324mm). The most difficult and expensive form of it, but this is the case when the game is worth the candle: as a result, the customer receives a real artesian well and clean water, not need any cleaning. The service life of such wells is approximately fifty years, so water will provide almost a whole generation of people. To adjust the flow of water in the well is applied to the pump of the vibrating type.

When deciding about the depth it should take into account a number of factors, and therefore such work should be entrusted to professionals – they will do everything as it should.

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