Artificial stone in modern construction

Artificial stone in modern construction

In modern construction, artificial stone is used more widely, and is not only an important decorative tool that is already very long enjoyed great popularity, but also a wonderful ornamental material for internal and external works, as well as good construction material fake or depreciation type.

Now we can distinguish the following three areas for the application of this artificial material. As a decorative funds for the construction phase of the original object, it is almost not used due to the relative high cost compared to other materials. Despite the fact that the artificial stone is very popular as a material for finishing of sanitary units, countertops, bars, window sills and other elements of interior decor, as a rule, it is used in the process of overhaul, and not at the construction stage, and primary decoration. Examples of products made of artificial stone can be found on the website of the company Etam Stone.

The second important area of application – internal facing. The fact that faux stone is virtually indistinguishable allows to simulate any natural materials, from different varieties of natural stone, and ending with rare woods, precious and semi-precious stones and metals. This versatility allows you to create a very valuable and inexpensive design effects.

However, the qualities that are characteristic for artificial stone, proved to be extremely valuable for its application in the exterior. By using special mixtures during manufacturing, the material is fire-resistant, very resistant to any mechanical damage due to very high viscosity and almost waterproof. In addition, it is easy to clean and as easily replaced when damage to some elements. External decoration or as a material for decoration used most often in the form of tiles of different sizes or panels.

Decorative artificial stone is very poorly reacts with chemically aggressive environments and therefore for a very long time retains an excellent appearance. With acrylic resin it looks very vivid and memorable and not lose external visual qualities with prolonged exposure to strong sunlight and weather conditions.

As the filler the cheaper grades of failed defective artificial stone in the form of bulk material are used when filling in Foundation support pile supports, as well as to provide heat and water insulation of constructions.

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