Arbat is the best Moscow attractions

Arbat is the best Moscow attractions

The word «Arbat» – most educated people associate with the concept of «intellectuals». This is not surprising. In fact, since the 18th century, the Arbat was the place where outstanding figures of culture, art, admirable members of the nobility built their homes. If you look a little further, already in the Soviet time in this corner of the capital of the settled intelligentsia. Do not have to be a native Muscovite to know about the Arbat. The works of Russian classical literature imagine this street in all colors. Here lived the heroes of Turgenev, Tolstoy. In this place there are many monuments. Walk along the Arbat will allow you to experience the beauty and mystery of past centuries and to feel part of a great culture.

Sightseeing of Moscow, the guests tend to visit Red square, the Mausoleum, St. Basil’s Cathedral, TSUM and the Bolshoi Theater. By the way, book tickets to the Bolshoi theater is better on the website billetes/object/6.html. After visiting the above places, you can walk along the Arbat.

For those who are going for a walk along the Arbat, open a large number of new and interesting. Monuments here collected a large number. To avoid all it is not always possible. If possible to bypass all, no, you should pay attention to some of them.

The Cinema «Art». The history of this monument began in 1909. At the time it was the most solid room to watch a movie. Its capacity was designed for 400 seats. Since the formation of the building has undergone several reconstructions. However, before perestroika cinema remained the most prestigious in Moscow.

The birthplace of A. V. Suvorov. According to the archives, on the Arbat was the home that the St. Petersburg landrichter gave his daughter, who married a military man Vasily Suvorov. The house number was rated 14. According to historians, it was here was born a Great commander.

The Restaurant «Prague». Hiking are usually boring. Therefore it is useful to eat on the road. The restaurant «Prague» offers such a possibility. Although now there is not only catering establishment. This is a powerful trading Empire, which includes the market, the printing house and a number of other institutions. It all started very simply. In the 70-ies of the 19th century merchant Tararykin opened a tavern, where we dined cabs. So good luck smiled at him, he won at cards and made a solid restaurant. In Soviet times, there was also a public catering facility. Though it was not so luxurious as after reconstruction by Martynkina.

The Arbat offers a unique opportunity to experience history firsthand. So don’t deprive it..

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