Aquapanel drywall: different variants of furnish of premises

Aquapanel drywall: different variants of furnish of premises

Aquapanel is a versatile material that comes in sheet form and is used in the construction field activities. This cement Board is rectangular in shape with a thickness up to 13 mm. the Main element of any of aquapanel is the core of cement-based mineral aggregate and steklotarniy mesh on the sides. Quality material has a high flexibility and moisture resistance. It attaches to the frame of wood or metal with special screws.

Concrete slabs can be external and internal. Aquapanel for external use to quickly cut and possess better protective properties against negative environmental influences. Materials are used for facade decoration of houses.

Internal aquapanel made without the use of asbestos. The material has a straight edge, which panels are folded and glued together. This aquapanel is considered an excellent material for use in rooms with high humidity levels. It is a reliable water-resistant base for facing ceramic tiles.

Buy aquapanel in Moscow in a specialty store or on the market of construction and finishing materials. Its value depends on the composition and thickness of the plates and country of origin. Very popular on the market is imported products.

All construction and finishing materials have their own particular features – positive and negative sides. Unlike drywall, aquapanel have a high degree of noise isolation and an ideal moisture even if direct contact with the water. Drywall can not boast similar characteristics. In terms of heat resistance of aquapanel also surpass it. Panel or special concrete slabs are characterized by high flexibility, which cannot be said about the drywall. The latter is much worse than the bends.

Aquapanel is a modern and very reliable material for interior and exterior cladding of buildings. A drywall typically used for indoor works. Due to the high strength of aquapanel have a long life. Their high price is justified by excellent performance. Drywall is much cheaper, because it creates additional load on the work surface. Installation of aguapanela and drywall is carried out in the shortest possible time.

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