Apartment design Scandinavian style, minimalist interior


A SIP of hot coffee, cool fresh air and the dew drops around… Dawn. Space and lightness. What a wonderful morning. Apartment design in Scandinavian style evokes such a sense of novelty and inspiration. A significant impact on the creation of this style, given the very nature of Norway and Sweden.

Design project of apartments in the Scandinavian style has some characteristic features:

Colors Scandinavian interior

Primarily used light colors: beige, milk, coffee and other warm tones. Frequently used white, but other shades support the entire game of colors. Dilute this white bright colors: red, bright yellow, acid green, cherry and so on. They focus on themselves and enliven a room.

Furnished room

The main task of furniture is versatility and simplicity. No unnecessary decoration. The furniture is made of wood, then paint or varnish. Chairs and tables, beds and cabinets, racks and shelves from Scandinavia is sold without any processing.

Light, more light

To the North is a constant shortage of sun, so the lighting in Scandinavian interior design plays an important role. The window as open and extended. Instead of solid curtains using sheer or translucent curtains of light shades. Use extra lighting various lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps. The more light in the room, the better.


Curtains, tablecloths and more made of cotton and linen. Traditionally, in order to create the interior design in Scandinavian style, choose a plaid or striped white-red color or patterns of the trees, snowflakes and zigzags. Like the upholstery or carpet will look original in the interior.


Inconspicuous colored walls decorated with paintings or photographs in wooden frames.

Mirror and glass interior is ideal for the Scandinavian style. Instead of gifts use handmade items to decorate tables, dressers and shelves.

Scandinavian interior is often used in small apartments where there is insufficient light. Also it is chosen by lovers of simplicity and restraint. Designers have developed two directions of this style:

  • the traditional, which represents the interior of previous eras, strong and not pretentious;
  • art that embodies softness and elegance. Instead of antique furniture and large mirrors left free layout, full of light and freshness.

The main point is simplicity and versatility. Do it yourself the interior design is not difficult, but when running there will be many questions. With the lighting system will have to Tinker. It is better to seek professional help. The interior design Studio Dyking fully reflect the spirit of Scandinavian countries in the house.

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