Anya Acorn — original contemporary painter and sculptor

Anya Acorn - original contemporary painter and sculptor

To be a modern artist is not just difficult, but very difficult! The abundance of information generates a lot of similar ideas in many people around the world almost at the same time. Contemporary artist and sculptor Anya Acorn was not only able to stand out from the crowd of artists, but also to establish themselves among them as a young and original author, whose works are appreciated and discussed worldwide!

Anya Acorn – original contemporary painter and sculptor

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Anya Acorn is an alias born in 1981 in Leningrad in 1981 Anna Andreyevna Zheludkovsky. To your creative success of Anna was studying at many institutions like:

  • SPbGPU them. N. To. Roerich;
  • Saint-Petersburg State art-Industrial Academy named after L. Stieglitz;
  • The school of contemporary art at the Museum;
  • The Institute of contemporary art Joseph Backstein.

In 2007 she was nominated for the award in the field of contemporary art «Innovation», and in 2008 was nominated for the Kandinsky Prize». Works Ani Acorn exhibited at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009.

Today Anya Acorn lives in Moscow. The most popular among the public received its installation of bent metal rods, sheets of particle Board and concrete. In addition to sculptures Anya is engaged in painting, which has much in common with her installations. The publication kommersant writes about her work: “Anna acorn in General, it seems, the artist is deeply rational, as befits a young man, began to conquer the capital and firmly intends to achieve success. Anyway, she found the reception — just the pinnacle of artistic rationalism. First, this witty plastic finding with great design potential: a metal rod like a pencil line, and it created the interiors — it’s kind of drawings in three-dimensional space, which has become a major technical graphics. Second, this technique is rooted in a very noble tradition: since the time of Goethe and the German romantics love for drawing contour was esteemed a sign of the artist-intellectual who seeks to penetrate the essence of nature, to reveal its hidden schemes. The recurrence of this tradition is constantly found in modern conceptual art — to take though the darling of Jacques Derrida and Octavio Paz of Italian Valerio Adami, which filled its bakanowsky twisted contour interiors are fragments of human figures. And third, this system of things allows us to attribute to its author a critical look at consumer society: it prospecive cabinets and sofas impartial eye of the radiologist, Anna Acorn finds in them only an existential void. Well, the feeling of emptiness that remains from this stylish and intelligent art, one must, apparently, be considered a by-product.»

Anya acorn-original-new-York-Jay-modern-j-artist-I-skul-ptor-25

In addition to his original works by Anya Zholud different approach to their promotion. So, first she made out of my own apartment on the prospectus of Marshal Blucher the object of public art and posting notices on its lease. This exhibition was named «Room» and was designed for the viewer who was not going to the exhibition. Such a provocation! Today’s news day reported that Anya Acorn opens in his country house in the suburbs art-residence «of arinino-art» and «Negaliu» modern art «Roadside». Today, October 20, 2012, there will be exposition «Privatecollection», which will showcase the work of contemporary artists Andrey Kuzkin, Natalia Tenyakova, the group Mish-Mash of Alexander Paperno.

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