Any use corrugated sheets for the fence?

Any use corrugated sheet for fence

How to choose corrugated sheet of the proposed options today? Any use corrugated sheets for the fence?

The types of corrugated sheets

For the erection of fences and barriers use of high strength materials, including corrugated sheet – metal sheets curved in a specific pattern. In the market of building materials today there is a wide range of materials specifically designed for fences.

To opt for the material that is best for you would be wise to first understand the types of corrugated Board for a fence fregat-m/proflist-profnastil/profnastil-dlya-zabora/:

  • Galvanized corrugated sheet. As the name suggests, on top of what be the material applied a layer of zinc. The thickness of this layer ranges from twenty-five to thirty micrometers. If you need to make a tent in the yard of a private house or a roof over outbuildings, galvanized trapezoidal sheet for fence fits perfectly. It is also used for the construction of various fences.
  • A polymer coating. Corrugated sheet with such a top layer has excellent decorative properties, of course, in addition to construction. The polymer solution is applied in several layers onto the sheet, makes anti-corrosion properties even higher.

The second function of the polymer coating – giving a certain color of metal and beautiful overall appearance. For a special brightness and saturation of tint in the paint is a specific chemical compound. It should be noted that the cost of such material is somewhat higher, similar, but without the polymers. Another feature of this cover – it does not fade in the sun.

Profiled sheet for fence with olives is also great for fences, but has several other than previous instances, properties. The surface coating is applied plastisol is a special material to prevent mechanical or other damage.

How to choose a profiled sheet for fence

Any of the above types of the profiled sheet is suitable for fencing, it all depends on what area and what you need to protect. But in addition to the composition of the material from which it is made are also different kind of letter is marked.

Options for the legend are: N, s and NS. «N» means that this sheet metal can be used for load-bearing structures. It is suitable for very robust fencing.

«C» means the orientation of the sheet on the construction of the walls. «NA» is a universal marking of profiled sheet, which is suitable for any construction works.

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