Antalya – resort with exotic flavor

Antalya – resort with exotic flavor

Antalya , or as it is called Antalya is one of the tourist gems of Turkey. Resort town with a long history. If it was a small town whose population was less than 100 thousand people, now it is a metropolis with a population of 2.5 million people. Antalya is a multicultural city. Its members (except the Turks) are the Germans, British, French and Russians.

Wide streets complement the large houses with overhanging balconies, large natural parks, numerous sports fields. It’s amazing how the authorities Antalya manage to keep a big city so neat. The people here are friendly. Every day, almost all the inhabitants of the city go outside for morning exercises.

The Climate Of Antalya

The climate in Antalya is subtropical Mediterranean. Here is dominated by hot, dry summers and mild but rainy winters. The wettest month is November. In the summer (and the summer season is the period from may to October) precipitation is extremely rare. Summer temperature is usually + 35 °C, and in winter at least + 15-20 °C.

The Sights Of Antalya

When planning a holiday we begin to think about what places in the resort for us to visit. Fortunately, there are many sites where guides will conduct tours in the resort you have chosen.

If you are going on your own tour is well thought out plan that you follow.

In Antalya incredible number of attractions. This is a different sightseeing and sports fields. Amusement parks, water parks, gardens and natural objects. The churches and monasteries. Architectural buildings and structures. Historic streets and squares, and museums.

The most popular place visited is considered the Antalya aquarium. This is evidenced by large amount of reviews from tourists. It is believed to be the largest aquarium tunnel in the world. Great place for families with children and for independent pastime. Actually the tunnels themselves and is famous for the aquarium. First you will pass by several dozen aquariums, and then enjoy the «underwater journey through the 131 meter tunnel. In this aquarium you will see over 10 thousand sea creatures.

Not far from Antalya aquarium is a miniature Park Mini city. If you do not know what places still to visit in Turkey, be sure to go to this Park. Mini city is a Park under the open sky. It contains reduced copies of the most appealing attractions of Turkey. Mosques and cathedrals with their exact location on the plate. After an exciting walk through this Park you can relax on the Playground (if you have visited the Park with children).

Be sure to visit mount Tunektepe (it offers incredible views of the city). The archaeology Museum, the tower Hıdırlık, minaret the minaret, Hadrians gate. Karain cave and other natural objects Antalya.

Shopping in Antalya

The best shopping centers of Antalya is Ozdilek Park and Migros.

Ozdilek Park is a huge shopping centre with a cinema, many cafes, Playground (amusement Park), clothing stores, bowling equipment and.

The Migros shopping Mall exactly like little girls-fashionistas. Here you will find branded boutiques (Zara and Waikiki, for example). Besides clothing stores, shoes and equipment in Migros there is a cinema and cafes.

In the heart of the city there is a street of Gulluk which is full of shops of fashionable clothes and shoes. Another street Isiklar (sample Gulluk). Only distinguished by higher prices.

If you liked this town and you decide it to live a little or stay forever, you can use the website of the real estate Antalya ohmat/search/f/6-id-antaliya/. Here you will find the best apartments and houses at affordable prices.

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