Ambient advertising and its principle of operation

Ambient advertising and its principle of operation

Ambient advertisingas advertising has appeared more than ten years ago, among the employees of the British media. Non-standard advertising, examples of which we sometimes can observe today on the streets of our cities, has a much greater effect on the audience, and thereby more effective. In this article you will learn what «Ambient Media» and you will find excellent examples of this direction of advertising.

1. Now becoming more common words: original, new advertising, non-media advertising – You know them? Why is this?

For TV new and unconventional advertising, is advertising in the programs, videos and films, where it becomes an organic part of the script and neatly fits into it. The Internet is, for example, advertising in online games, social networking sites, where it is an integral part of the game. Brand or product is integrated into the gameplay.

Traditional is, at best, provides surface contact with the user. New advertising is often creative, she was pleasantly surprised, and thus provides greater depth of contact with a potential client. Today, before the patent name of the product, every self-respecting marketer needs to think about unusual and creative methods of promotion in the market. the only way a company can beat the competition with minimal cost, because the market is standard advertising busy major brands in almost all niches.

2. What could You say about the development of this type of advertising, as ambient media? Why it exists abroad, but still did not take root in Russia?

Ambient advertising, i.e. advertising on the objects of the surrounding space – it is a pleasant surprise, a surprise to consumers. Through the singularity of outdoor advertising this type definitely attracts attention and is remembered. People may stop and consider it.

In the ambient there is an element of virality, consumers inform each other about what they saw interesting subject, much discussion and send his photos.

In Russia ambient advertising is used less for several reasons.

Management of advertising agencies prefer to use traditional proven methods and advertising media. Advertising creative requires additional costs, and accumulated tool requires less time and resources. He works in the debugged mechanism, and just gives out, though small.

Ambient carries an element of risk, it can give the effect many times greater than a traditional tool, but it may not work, or worse, to ruin the prestige of the brand.

If the customer is to offer examples of non-standard advertising instead of the checked options, it can be frightened, to consider the Agency undignified. Some customers want accurate result, instead of experiments.

The best option is a combination of traditional and unusual means and methods of advertising.

3. What would You advise to pay attention to young specialists who decided to advertise in the style of ambient music? Give a good, in Your opinion, examples of ambient advertising.

If I was a specialist advertising Agency or marketing Department, which is responsible for the ambient, I would do the following:

1. Would have made a list of all the places in the city where it can be and meet many people.

2. Every week would give time to visit these places, walking on them, holding hands and constantly looking at the picture with the logo and the product of a particular company.4. What are the basic conditions of creation of effective ambient advertising?What today seems ambient, tomorrow might be in a typical package of advertising agencies like standard and proven advertising tool. So you need constant development.Those who started work with the ambient, you can do the following:

1. Actively use Twitter, tracking through the trends and new products.

2. Regularly request search YouTube and view the latest video hits.

3. Subscribe to RSS search engines in the news with key words on the subject.

4. To communicate with the ideological and creative people.

5. Conduct «brainstorming» team, with exits to the city.

6. Build relationships with municipal services, turning them into allies.

7. To involve pupils and students.Question: Daria Kulikova, faculty of journalism.

Answers: Romanenko Alexander, lab Word of mouth.

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