Alternative sources of energy — varieties of

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Alternative sources of energy become increasingly important. The high cost of exhaustible energy and the deterioration of the ecological state of the planet to contribute.

Even with modern civilization, there are still many localities where not connected to natural gas, and even electricity is not available. So today the population of all the more there is interest in alternative energy. Especially with the current high prices, is interested in it, the owners of summer cottages and large country houses. Moreover, that around us a sea of energy, which can be used freely for domestic purposes.

At school we’ve been introduced, how to effectively use the energy of sun, water, wind and other alternative energy sources for their needs.

The most available sources of energythat can be used for water heating and home heating is:

  • wind farms;
  • solar panel;
  • heat pumps;
  • a biogas plant.

Each of these parameters can be freely acquire and install in the garden or summer cottage. However their cost of installation is quite high and not everyone can be afford.

But such installations can be free to make their own, on their own.

Solar panels

For the manufacture of solar panels you need to purchase polycrystalline or single crystal elements, which are placed in a special box with a glass top. Exposed to direct rays of the sun, these cells produce the energy that charges the battery. And batteries connected appliances. Read more information about modern solar power plant on the company’s website Ehkotekhnik.

Heat pump

The heat pump is based on the principle of Carnot. This is a complex and large installation, collects heat, low-potential energy of earth, water and air, with further transformation into high-grade energy.

This energy produced by a heat pump, typically used for space heating.

Wind energy

To generate electricity from the wind wind generators are used. The wind acts on the blades of the screw, which via a shaft drives the generator which in turn generates an electric current.

Installation for the production of biogas

When pregnany wastes from organic matter produced combustible biogas, which are methane, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Installation for the production of biogas road and for a long time pays off, but can supply gas for household needs almost constantly.

Its disadvantage is the fact that due to the fact that the gas is flammable and harmful to human health, we need increased measures of safety.

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