Air conditioners for houses — types and properties

Air conditioners for houses - types and properties

air conditioning for summer

Because that makes a large part of humanity live in the city, when comes to summer vacation. Of course, he travels the country house, in order to relax from the urban bustle to the fresh air the house of silence. But no stopping the stuffy atmosphere in the premises, as well as buzzing guests are welcomed with great joy the owner of the house. How does this fight? Just install home air conditioning, and a welcome coolness and comfort.

Yes, it is easy to say «put air», but which one to put. Because a lot of them. Of course it is difficult to choose the most which guess you.

Conditioners are of three types:

  1. window,
  2. portable,
  3. a split system.

Window air conditioners

Its name speaks for itself, that is, the conditioning set on the window. They are of two types. Those that provide only cold air. Also the air conditioning with the function of «winter summer», that is, not only cools the room but also provides hot air. They are managed through remote. If your area reaches a size of thirty feet square, then you have nothing to worry as he will cope with this task. And you can safely enjoy the fresh cool air. But even with these features, the air has its disadvantages. Namely, during operation noise since is mounted on the window, that hinders the penetration of the sunlight into the room.


In other words, they are called mobile. Because they are easy to move from one to another place. This is its advantage. This air conditioner requires access to the network supply. As for the air supply is conducted to the sleeve, which enters the air in the room. Therefore, use a window, a hole in the wall or door. Well, here it is impossible to do without a drawback. He, like the first produces noise during operation.

Split system

In today’s world of split-system is very popular among the consumers. The advantage of the air conditioner from the above in that it combined them into one. That is, there are established two kinds of parts. One of them adjusts the noise and is installed outside and the other to the rooms in our house in the country. When you choose air conditioner cover the noise levels of them, and the level design. By choosing this type of air conditioner you will definitely be cozy and comfortable in your home.

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