African motives original interior design

African motives original interior design

Now everyone can decorate your home as you wish. Lovers of exotic styles, will definitely appeal to African motifs in the interior. Original art of the tribes living on the continent, is the basis of this style.

Features of African style in the interior

Even a simple layman can determine the interior design and decoration peculiar to the African tribes. Among them wooden dishes for fruit, unusual sculpture. Many designers wonder you want to play in the apartment, an African hut or just a few strokes, emphasizing the direction selected. The correct answer does not exist here, because the choice always remains with the contractor.

To give the apartment the originality, you can use some simple ideas that will bring into the house a special warmth. To decorate the room uses an unusual wooden figurines. On the couch you can throw a bright rug with intricate geometric patterns, next place the small pillow. The furniture should be made from exotic wood. Its forms are predominantly simple and even a little awkward. Feel the spirit of Africa will help carpets from coconut, they are made by hand, so they are of particular value.

The perfect solution to decorate the room is the use of linen textiles, for example, if you hang curtains with figures of giraffes or tigers. A good idea will be the placed everywhere large vases, Souvenirs from a stone. In order to bring home the spirit of the Safari, you can use decor items, resembling animal fur.

Accessories for an interior in African style

Very colorful will look like masks on the walls. For Africans they have a special meaning. The indigenous people believe that they can be used to bring the house of any spirits. One can protect their home, to attract good luck and prosperity, and the action of others may be the opposite. Of course, this is only a belief, but it’s better to study this issue, that is to say to feel the idea.

Do not forget about color inherent in the black continent. Most often it is the warm colors: red, orange, yellow. A distinctive feature is the presence in Africa of the oases, it is easy to dilute the hot atmosphere in the house decorative fountain. By these some simple tips in reality, Your home will gain originality, there will reign a magical atmosphere, thoughts of distant lands and travels shimmering haze will hover in the air.

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