Advice to aspiring writers: a book from idea to publication

Advice to aspiring writers: a book from idea to publication

Some people think that book writing is a very complex process, which is able to handle only a very talented man. Of course, to create a work, it is necessary to have a large number of knowledge in different areas, a well-developed imagination, willpower, patience and, of course, have no skills to Express emotions and feelings. If some of these points to you, congratulations – get in now for the book. In this article we will give tips to aspiring writerswho will assist you in writing your masterpiece.

What to write about?

First you need to think about why you need to write a book. What to tell the readers? On any idea to push them, etc.? As an example, can you tell me about your life, about your profession, well, or about the famous personalities. Or you, instead, want to create a fictional world filled with fictional characters. Your right. All of these topics are quite suitable for the book. And it does not matter what you are going to write: prose, poetry. Most importantly – start.

It is necessary to sketch an outline of the plot of future books. Writing a plan of the plot will not let you get lost in the content of your book. It will help, eventually, to create a complete text, without plot flaws.

How to begin to create?

Very simple. Write about what you have currently in mind. At the moment of creation don’t reflect, how will you position the head. The main thing – that in the end it was finished content. And everything else is a matter of time.

Write, then edit

First you have to write, fully surrendering to the creative flow and inspiration. Write whatever comes to mind. Even banal stupidity. Perhaps that requires inspiration. A few days later, you can safely sit down and make amendments in your written material. The point is that when you try to edit the material at the time of creation, you break out of a creative wave, your idea is irretrievably lost.

How not to be distracted from work?

To dedicate themselves fully to writing the book, it is necessary to create more comfortable conditions for themselves. Decide that you will help to create. Maybe peace? Nice music? If you write in a pleasant conditions for you, the creative process will bring you a lot of pleasure.

How not to quit writing a literary work? Tell all your friends that you are an aspiring writerthat started to create works and want to finish it at this time. Thus, you would be ashamed of myself for the fact that you broke your promise.

How to create interesting?

A lot of stories! Readers like stories from his personal life. Stay away from boring templates and official language! Create your own style of writing: his own artistic language, its rhythmic construction and so on.

Where to find inspiration?

Consider whether you need it you do. Think of your creativity as a duty. Set a schedule: every day to write so many words or something like that. Because if you want to create a book only at the moment when he appeared the inspiration, the writing process will last for many years.

Lot of useful information can be gleaned by studying the advice of famous writers. Who but a writer can help in writing the book?!

Sure, these tips urge you to take a pen and a sheet. Good luck to you! We will wait for your book.

How to publish your first book?

As you know, in order to become a writer, it is not enough just to write a book. Without the reader’s criticism about your book no one will know. Therefore, you definitely need to publish your work!

To help can publish such printing as ROLIKS. Here you can publish books with a circulation of 10 pieces. Little-known writers usually offer to do a «pilot» edition with the follow-up overprint. This allows you to avoid large financial costs if the book will not be popular among readers.

It should be borne in mind that the price of one copy is affected by:

  • The publication volume in number of sheets;
  • edition (what it is, the lower the cost 1 copy);
  • soft or hard cover;
  • the quality of the paper;
  • the number of printable colors;
  • the complexity of the layout

The process layout of the book and its printing can take anywhere from 1-2 months to half a year. It all depends on the number of illustrations and the complexity of the layout. To print the book here. There you can find a handy calculator that will help to make a rough budget of printing your book.

About how to make his book popular, see the following video:

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