Acrylic stone for countertops — quality and practical choice


Beautiful, durable acrylic stone is made of acrylic resin as the base; filler of mineral substances for imparting a color; a color pigment (aluminum trihydrate). It relates to the composite material. Recently acrylic stone began to actively use in the design of housing. Acrylic stone has no time, so he is not afraid of the fungus and any dirt. It does not leave streaks, stains and easy to care for them.

Acrylic stone is used as letters, for example for worktops, counters, window sills or walls, and for the manufacture of bent products. For the production of acrylic countertops used sheet material thickness from 6 millimeters to 12 millimeters. Major manufacturers of acrylic stone Staron, Triston, Corian guarantee your material more than 10 years.

Advantages of acrylic stone

If scratched, the material is ground, polished and takes an original look. Chipped pieces or corners, can be easily put on the adhesive back and buff out. These injuries happen very rarely and even when they appear all quite fixable. This material has a low weight and high durability. Color and texture have a huge selection. Acrylic stone hypoallergenicnot susceptible to mildew, easily fits in any room, is a long time. This artificial stone can tolerate exposure to various chemical agents.

If desired, can be ordered from the manufacturer of any curved product under the most unusual angles. Acrylic stone can be sanded, drilled, milled and cut. This material is warm, the nice thing is the price of acrylic stone, in comparison with other natural materials it is much cheaper.

Tips when buying countertops made of acrylic stone

When choosing countertops made of acrylic stones, it is necessary to check for visible connections. If there is any visible connecting joints better to abandon the purchase and buy a product elsewhere. Otherwise such a purchase may require repair during use. It is also not advisable to buy very thin acrylic countertop 3 – 6 mm, as the material can crack from the hob and in the joints. And countertops tselikova lined chipboard. To avoid scratches and chips on countertops made of stone are not recommended to cut something with a knife.

High quality made material will be able to decorate any premises, whether residential premises or public places. These products are appreciated everywhere and people appreciate the quality and beauty of the choose acrylic stone.

Material provided: stoneart.spb

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