Abyssinian the well — quality water supply suburban area

Abyssinian the well - quality water supply suburban area

Abyssinian the well received its primary name in the 19th century. The English conquerors first used this design in Abyssinia. It is a one-inch tube, with a pointed filter on the end, top attached to the pump.


Today the Abyssinian a well or bore-needle widely applied to private sectors, rural, suburban areas. The popularity is due to its many advantages in comparison with other methods:

  • Driven well has no analogues on the cheap.
  • The speed of installation. It only takes one day for hammering, pumping, connection of the system. The exceptions are made when a more complex structure, designed for year-round consumption.
  • A long service life. With proper maintenance, can last up to 30 years.
  • Thanks to its compact dimensions crunchety the well can be installed directly in buildings – barns, cellars, summer kitchen, various outbuildings. In addition, it prevents the water from freezing in the winter.
  • Quality. Resources extracted from the depths of the soft, with high taste values, without impurities. Completely eliminated the ingress of surface or melt streams.


To equip the Abyssinian well, require specific geological conditions of the aquifer must be no deeper than 8-10 meters.

To predict the distance to the nearest source, in absentia it is impossible, therefore, before the base of experts conduct exploratory drilling.


Any method involves the clogging of the pipe.

Topsoil is most convenient to go using a drill. Ordinary garden probe, but it will be easier to use custom framework tool.

The next step is sealing the trunk.

It runs:

  • With the use of a sliding headstock and podbaba on the tube. The process consists of a continual alternation of strokes to complete immersion pipe nevinovna new.
  • Use the headstock end with a stub practiced more often than the previous method. This is because its implementation requires a more simple device.
  • The most simple is the clogging with the help of the rod. The impetus falls on the tip of the needle, which entails the tripod shaft. A similar tactic is used on the street, first two option are convenient for rooms.

There are other ways of plugging the well, but they are very expensive and are rarely used. To achieve the water layer need to very carefully rinse the equipment.To connect the well to the water is recommended only after a good sweep of a hand pump.

Source: canalizator-pro


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