A small promotional products and its features

A small promotional products and its features

A bunch of printing and advertising, stable and unbreakable. Advertisers do use modern printing technologies and capabilities to perform their tasks. There is a clear interaction between the two technologies, the more opportunities in printers, the more varied offer advertising services. Small promotional products are especially popular due to its practicality and ease of execution.

In the modern printed advertising there are two key points:

  • Create a professional design;
  • The quality of printed products.

Among the primary advertising range you can choose a specific product that is most suitable for achieving this goal:

  • Cards;
  • Booklets;
  • Flyers.

Despite the proliferation of office printing and printing equipment such as printers, scanners, MFPs, adequate quality can only be ensured by professional equipment.

Booklet printing

The booklet may be in a compact shape and a colorful design to tell you about a new product, service, or image information of the company. Is this the best printed products to represent the company at exhibitions, conferences, business forums.

Mail form booklet, or leaflet is indispensable in mailing envelopes with physical addresses. A kind of print technology on the bends and a fairly large amount of information remembered by a reader, and the booklet is very convenient for storing unlike books or pamphlets.

Printing flyers

Leaflet is the most popular and relevant printed product for an active agitation and a wide variety of companies ranging from the political to the commercial. Using flyers can be very quickly spread to a huge circulation of brief information. Creating flyers is a kind of art. Here it is necessary very clearly and concisely at the level of the theses to inform and attract mass target buyer.

Leaflet printing is much cheaper other printed products, and the efficiency can be huge.

For advertising, shopping promotions, discounts and other commercial benefits, it is better to distribute leaflets in the vicinity of the venue of the alleged action.

Printing of flyers

Flyers, is a favorite production alert about a new discovery of something, such as a restaurant or store, as well as various events. In addition, the flyer can be used as a coupon for a discount or an invitation. Such a product you can use yourself or give to another person, the main thing is that the invitation is almost never disappears, and it is not thrown away, and this is the main goal of the organizers.

Design flyers must contain company logo, color support and the name of the promoted brand. In any case, the reader will find this information and it is likely that will use it.

Most often such small and mass printing products are much more effective than even television commercials and huge billboards.


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