A small fridge Marshall for real musicians

A small fridge Marshall for real musicians

A small fridge Marshall intended for real musicians. He looks absolutely identical to the legendary Marshall amplifier. This fridge will perfectly fit the interior of any Studio.

Creative single-chamber refrigerator Marshall

Single-chamber refrigerator Marshall has a chamber volume equal 124,59 liter (4.4 cubic feet). Despite its small size, this baby equipped even a freezer where you can store ice cream or to quickly cool a couple of bottles of beer. It is assembled from original components used to build these amps. Of course, this is not a refrigerator Nord, but here you can store all the necessary products you may need for a small snack during long rehearsals or recording a new album. Door refrigerator with external parties disguised as a speaker, and of the volume control function of the control mode of the refrigerator.

Today, this creative small fridge on sale for 399 us dollar and order it can anyone. I am sure that he will enjoy great popularity among rock musicians, namely the guitarists, because they made a Marshall amplifier so famous. This model is manufactured since 1962. Using this amplifier in our world sounds penetrated new songs Eric Clapton, Jimmy page and Ritchie Blackmore. You can see this model even today, scenes of the most famous rock and pop musicians. Maybe some of them is not an amplifier, and a small fridge filled with beer?

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