A master class for Amateur decorators

A master class for Amateur decorators

In the showroom Home Collection was a master-class for those whose profession is not directly related to interior design. This master class for Amateur decorators designed to help all who are not alien to the sense of aesthetic satisfaction, to learn how to create attractive interiors without excessive financial costs.

Leading creative meetings, recognized as a master decorator with many years of experience, author of more than a hundred projects of luxury apartments and luxury holiday homes in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region, the founder and head of the Studio Elena Konovalova told the guests about how best to update the interior design at a reasonable cost, not very much straining the family budget.

When spring comes to us not only with warmth and flowers – the majority of Russians quite feel the economic crisis. However, this is not a reason to completely stop thinking about the beauty of the homes and create comfort in the house. Even at the most modest cost is always the opportunity to make a fresh breath into the interior, replacing slightly familiar, but it’s a little boring to new and original, if you approach the question intelligently and with knowledge of the matter.

It all starts with a plan

The plan is important in any endeavor, but if we are talking about changing the interior of the house, albeit a small one, but with a limited budget – the importance of advance decisions is increasing greatly. Can be very disappointing if purchased on the original chair or a luxurious new kitchen sink would negate all the efforts simply because will not have money for other works.

Before starting any repair, renewal or reconstruction of property, you must find a source of inspiration, which will help in future work. It can be a variety of different magazines or sites on the topic of interiors. The main thing – to decide on the style and right to break future project into logical parts, such as color ideas, flooring, kitchen appliances, updated furniture, or new decor. The best information on the cost of needed items can be obtained in the shops. In addition, the campaign for him to add clear ideas about how it might look.

When you are ready to plan future changes, you can begin to act. To the updated interior is at once functional, beautiful, comfortable and not destroy the whole family budget, there are some simple tips that are perfect not only for this spring, but in any other season.

A few simple tips from a professional:

  • Furniture is the main thing. It carries the basic functional load. With a limited budget it is important to decide first and foremost a task of comfort and convenience, which is impossible without high-quality furniture and kitchen equipment. You should not rely on the abundance of decorative elements – they will all be meaningless, if properly chosen basis. Only furniture needs to be the main link with the economic arrangement of the home, which for many years will not go out of fashion.
  • You should find a new use for things. No need to rush to throw away something that has already served their time. It often happens that the most original findings and solutions in a stylish design born of the new perspective on a familiar and even tiresome items — old shelves, boxes, lamps, coasters and more.
  • No need to hesitate to buy used things. A lot of interesting interior can be purchased for very little money second-hand stores. If you’re lucky, you could find furniture and decor items amazing quality, which for many years to decorate homes. There are even separate styles of design, such as «shabby chic», based on the use of restored things that have a long history. It’s not the age of the subject, and in the presence of good taste.
  • We must learn to use paint. In contrast to the acquisition of furniture, household equipment or accessories for decoration, use the original colors is quite inexpensive. Correct and thoughtful selection of colors for the updated housing can give it a unique, entirely new mood, and even some sophistication.
  • Decor you can make with your own hands. Decorations that have no other function, such as rugs, murals, photographs, paintings, masks or decorative dishes, can be very individual. Not difficult to make the most of simple applique, lacquered sea shells or make a bouquet of dry grass and twigs. Empty bottle of unusual shape will be an original vase, and the pieces twisted in knots of rope and a small piece of patent plaque – unusual mural for the hallway. Favorite hobby such as knitting, embroidery or macramé will also be useful.

Room makeovers on a limited budget – not an easy task. You should not attempt to do everything at once. It is more important to set clear priorities and to find original ideas that allow gradually, in several steps and with minimal cost to add a little warmth and comfort in their own homes.

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