A loft bed saves space in your apartment

A loft bed saves space in your apartment

If the apartment is not large and it is possible to arrange the second level, then the most simple, cheap and effective way to become a berth on the principle of a loft bed. In apartments with small utility area, or in small children’s rooms previously used and currently used two-level children’s bed. But lately there are new offers more convenient and rational use of the useful area or extra sleeping space. This whole complexes with different functions, but United by a common composition and style. They can be used if the room housed two children, but can be installed in the nursery for one child.

The design principle of the bed-loft

A loft bed is a practical design, which involves the most efficient use of valuable space, when one berth is placed over the top, or second layer, and the lower part is used for storage space for relaxing or playing and sleeping place for the second child. If you have two children in one room, this design becomes mandatory.

In the case of removal of the bed «loft» for a child in the room released a lot of free space for lessons and for outdoor games or sports equipment area.

How to use a loft bed?

The most common design options and the device of such construction, become the workplace for training sessions or for creativity directly under a loft bed, and system storage are carried under the stage, or additionally in parallel to the stairs. However, the manufacture of this design on the website xxi-v/catalog/krovat-bounds of Cherdak/iz-massiva-dereva you need to consider that the child will grow. Have to prepare the design for growth, otherwise we will have very soon to redo everything.

Lighting for children’s room is always a very important moment. The lighting must be carefully considered, including more lit to make the workplace a convenient light-off. Modern children’s room interior use ceilings depicting a starry sky that is seen when light and simulates the infinite starry space. This design is very popular with the children. It allows you to leave a dim night light. Visually expands the space of the room, removes the barriers of restrictions of room on top.

If the child is placed one under the loft bed, you can still install a pull-out sofa, which can be used for games and relaxation, and at the same time to serve as an extra bed when needed.

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