A fountain in your garden

A fountain in your garden

It’s time to decorate your courtyard or garden. Which item to choose? A quick change in the exterior appearance will bring water elements, because nothing defines a garden like water.

A fountain in your garden will be a real gem. The sound of water is so obsessed trying to bring to the design of the garden designers from around the world. The peace that brings the element of water, is incredibly powerful. It can create an atmosphere of comfort and help to relax or distract from unwanted outside sounds.

Water elements in the garden

Water elements have always been an integral part of the external decoration of the garden for a very long period. You just need to look at the landscape design of the plot of the amazing palaces of Europe or the beautiful ornate designs of the time Japanese water parks.

The types of fountains

Any fountain, organized in the garden – a great opportunity to tie together all the elements of your site. Designers can offer you a lot of ideas about water features. One of the most popular types of fountain is a mini-fountain, so-called «birdbath». It differs both style and functionality, because in birds it is quite popular. To provide continuous operation using liquid ring vacuum pump, which has established itself as a reliable supplier of water.

Another unique choice is water element for your garden is the «chain of rain«. Many of you have not even heard about this phenomenon, although in reality, such version of the fountain are very attractive, you engage in conversations, resting in the garden. The fountain is a United bowl in one chain hanging vertically. Then the water is poured from one Cup to another until it reaches the ground. It’s very artistic, and to top it all – a beautiful addition to the outside of the interior.

Fountains there is a huge variety: multi-tiered fountains, barrels, cascading waterfalls… the list could go on forever. If around your garden-erected wall, then you can think about a wall fountain. When you make a choice in favor of any style fountain becomes the main point of your garden. Even if you have limited space, the fountain will never occupy much space.

If you have space, then you have the opportunity to highlight a few elements of the garden, each of them can bring the mood. However, there is another option: you can use the idea of organizing a large pond. Although his support would be quite expensive and time-consuming.

If you are still looking for ways to reduce stress (all not hurt, of course), in this case, the sound of running water is what you need. Peace and tranquility will allow you to enjoy the stay even for long, long years.

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