A fireplace in the interior of a country house

A fireplace in the interior of a country house

A fireplace in the interior of a country house, now performs more decorative. than its direct task – space heating. Living room with fireplace becomes the gathering place for the whole family. The fireplace is able to make a Cozy any room, giving it a special charm and comfort. In this article we will talk about devices and the types of fireplaces, as well as the most common mistakes that are made during their installation.

Historical evidence suggests that fireplaces appeared in Russia during the reign of Peter I. it is Therefore not surprising that in St. Petersburg the fireplace was an integral part of the homes of the nobility. It was used for heating homes and served as a fashionable piece of furniture. In the fireplace room, rested, making small talk, receiving visitors.

Then for years the fireplace has been unjustly forgotten. Well, when the mass construction of housing, it simply ceased to mention. Not erected at the time and a large country house, where it would be possible to install a fireplace.

But today it has become fashionable to have a large country house in which to live in all year long. Naturally in such a house creating the most modern heating system, but found in them and the fireplace. The fireplace attracts people today because you can enjoy the open flame. Long known that when you look at the fire, becoming calmer, takes the tension of the past day.

Of course, in Russia, as the main source of heat in the winter, the fireplace would not fit. But in the spring or rainy summer, he will be able to create sweet and cozy atmosphere.

The fireplace in a country house most often used to create a comfortable recreation area. I must say that the fireplace, compared to a conventional oven, has a more simple device. But it has its own characteristics that must be considered at the stage of project creation at home.

The device of the fireplace

The classic fireplace has three main parts. This portal (decoration of the furnace), the flue and the combustion chamber fuel or the furnace. The device of the fireplace that does not give him the opportunity to collect inside the heat. The room from the fireplace is heated using radiant energy. This suggests that the fireplace will emit heat only until it burns off the fuel.

The chimney required to produce thrust to the products of combustion were not included in the room. The chimney works like a fan, which together with the smoke removes from the premises of the cooled and humid air.

Types of fireplaces

Modern fireplaces can be divided into three types:

  • placed in isolation
  • installed in the corner
  • standing at the wall.

Fireplaces classical type is placed in the corner of the room or along one wall. They occupy a small part of the floor space.

The fireplace is in a separate location in the Central part of the room, reminiscent of the fires of ancient people. In terms of heat this fireplace more effective than a classic, as it radiates heat energy in all directions.

The types of furnaces

The fireplace insert can be:

  • is open;
  • closed.

Safer to use the fireplace, the furnace which is closed. It also has a more efficient heat transfer, therefore, often used in suburban homes.

The area of the premises where you intend to use the fireplace, affects the size of its firebox. Overall dimensions are calculated depending on the size of the firebox.

The material for the manufacture of furnace

The furnace are made of:

  • special bricks
  • concrete;
  • made of cast iron;
  • of the sheet metal.

The most popular of the furnace of iron, as the heat transfer coefficient they have the highest.

Finish portal

The selection of the portal depends entirely on the owner of the house. Facing the portal can be made from different materials. This gives the possibility of a fire fit perfectly into the interior of the house.

The process of design and construction of the fireplace should be performed only by specialists of the companies that have permission to perform this type of work.

The fireplace served people in the past. Then it undeservedly forgotten, but today he again became a fashionable detail of the interior of a country house. Fireplaces are different. Distinguish them by the place of installation, the type and material of manufacture of the furnace. The portal of the fireplace can be done by anyone. It kind of depends on the desire of the owner. But to create the project and then build the fireplace must be experts.

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