A collection of tiles 2015

A collection of tiles 2015

Ceramic tile transforms the look of any room, gives it a luxury, elegance and beauty. But this is only possible with the use of quality tiles, which produce well-known companies.

In addition to quality, consumer values are also unusual, innovative design, innovative solutions in the design of the tiles. Every year brings to the construction market a new collection of ceramic tiles. Was no exception and 2015, which gave the pottery market and many new and interesting.

A trendsetter in the field of ceramics has always considered Italy. Italian ceramic tile is known for his bold non-traditional solutions for interior decoration. With Italian tiles, any individual can experiment with the interior, creating something new, nothing like it.

Not far behind the nearest competitor, and Spain. Spanish ceramic tile is famous for the fact that it can help to create real comfort and coziness.

Ceramic tiles from Russia in recent years has become very popular. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the optimal combination of price and quality of the manufactured products. Tile Russian production is available to any buyer, despite his wealth.

Fashion trends 2015

This year has a huge number of original solutions in the field of interior decoration. The main novelty is fotoplenka. It bears a photographic image that is bold and unusual design move. Full color printing used in the production, making the tile bright and saturated.

To get photoplace method is used high temperature processing. Ceramics thus obtained is highly resistant to all kinds of influences. Such material can be safely used even in the pool, as it well resists to high humidity and even in the water.

Tiles are also willing to please the original with new material that simulates wood. This tile can be easily applied for residential premises. The texture of the wood gives the interior a feeling of comfort and home heat. Due to this coating, you will get a floor, similar to wood, but requires no special care.

Another interesting solution is the mirror ceramics. This is the mirror sheet, which has the shape and size of tile. This material allows you to create original glass inserts in lining ceilings, walls and floor. Mirrored inserts visually expand the space and can make it more interesting and beautiful.

Such a stunningly beautiful and unusual tiles produce many factories, including Fap Ceramiche. This manufacturer tile thickness is just 4 mm, and its dimensions may be different. Besides the beauty and expressiveness, this tile has all the properties of conventional tiles: moisture resistance, strength, durability.

One of the newest trends is the combination of black and white when the production of tiles. Special lightness and tenderness of the interior gives the use of lace ornamentation on the marble.

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