7 useful tips to YouTube users

7 useful tips to YouTube users

YouTube uses almost every visitor online. During this time, the existence of YouTube, the Internet has seen many interesting things. But about YouTube, you can only say one thing: this service has changed the idea of the Internet. Previously, he was perceived as a repository of contextual text information and nothing more. With the advent of network video, everything changed. Have been actively used media opportunities, and most of the information starts to be stored on cloud servers. Global Internet traffic is growing exponentially, and the reason Google and its video service.

Daily users make two billion views, and in a minute upload 24 hours of video! What you do not have archiver time! In view of the above, today I will discuss some of the possible uses of YouTube that is not known to all.

1. Edopower video

In order that the selected video was played continuously in a loop, you need to add in the browser line after the link: YouTube/watch?v=XXXXXXXX operator &loop=1.

2. AutoPlay video

By default, in order to begin video playback, press the play button. To start playing automatically after the page has loaded, you can add the address operator &autoplay=1.

2. Disable related videos

If you don’t want to after watching the uploaded video seemed relevant to his counterparts the video, just add the attribute: &rel=0.

3. The regional reset filter

Google likes to personalize their services. And in YouTube there is a regional filter. In order to avoid it, you should change the link: YouTube/watch?v=xxxxx YouTube/v/xxxxxxxx.

4. To remove the search box

Hover the cursor over the video, there is a search bar. It’s not always like that. In order to remove this «useful» feature, add &showsearch=0.

5. To start playback from a certain point

To begin watching from the beginning, and with a specific location, you should add the link to this design: #t=Hhau ( for XX mins and YY seconds).

6. Integration of high quality video on page

To integrate video in HD quality, add &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 (for permission 480h270) or &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 (resolution of 1280×720) .

7. Choose the quality playable video

To view video in HD quality (if any), then links to a video, add &fmt=18 (480h270, stereo sound) and &fmt=22 (1280×720, stereo sound).

How to download videos from YouTube you can read the article on the website infomaster.

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