7 tips for perfect photos of fireworks

7 tips for perfect photos of fireworks

How beautiful to photograph fireworks? This is one of the most common questions asked by beginners in photography. Beautiful photo of the fireworks is quite complicated because of the need to strike a balance between the brightness of shots and the darkness of the night sky. In this article you will find 7 tips for perfect photos of fireworks.

The main advice that can give you professional photographers – just take your camera and start shooting. Then you will have enough time to reach the heights of excellence. Use a tripod to stabilize the camera and as a consequence, the most spectacular of the frame. Any wedding photographer Zelenograd can confirm the importance of such experience, as shooting fireworks at celebrations. These frames look great and give your wedding album a special style and festive mood.

Planning is one of the most important aspects when photographing fireworks, although many beginners tend to ignore it. Be sure that when you launch the first firework, you can immediately start shooting. For this you need to know where and how often will erupt shots. It is possible to try to ask the organizers or to ask senior colleagues.

Upon arrival, look around and select the most successful, in your opinion, place. You can now decide which lens and what focal length you will use.

Remember, a beautiful photo of fireworks will require careful planning and expectations.

2. Focus

Where to point the camera? This is one of the hardest parts of shooting fireworks. You should have time to take a picture before the fireworks will go off. Usually the photographer spends most of his time shooting, alternately looking at the sky in the viewfinder. Thus, it is possible to control everything that happens around and not miss the right moment for a good shot.

Camera better focusing manually. Using automatic mode can ruin you a lot of frames in low-light conditions.

3. Extract

You do not need to set the shutter speed to very low values. There is a temptation to keep the shutter open too long through the darkness around. The problem is that the fireworks themselves are bright and, extending endurance, you can smear the photo. So that should not be abused long exposure, you can get too much smoke in the photos.

4. Aperture

What aperture value should I use? Many people think that they should open the aperture to get the best possible picture. But remember that the light from the fireworks is bright enough. Usually you should use the value from the middle to the minimum, usually works well. And again everything will depend on what shutter speed you have selected.

5. ISO

For picture quality use the lowest ISO possible under the given conditions.

6. The mood and environment

When photographing fireworks displays many people forget that for a truly impressive picture you need a good foreground and background. Fireworks are often associated with holidays in this case, the photograph may also display where and when, what the occasion was fireworks. Don’t forget to include in the frame other elements, for example, people or sights. The correct composite solution will allow you to make the photos more meaningful and the fireworks will look more impressive.

7. The number of frames

Make as many frames. The more material you have, the more likely a really good frame. Do not forget to check the settings in and out of shots while shooting.

Use these seven tips will allow you to improve your skills in photography of fireworks.

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