7 ideas on how to save some space when you layout a living room

7 ideas on how to save some space when you layout a living room

Feel comfortable even with the limited number of square meters. Tips from the company Happy Space in the article will help you to save some space in the layout of your living room without compromising the look of the room.

1. Modular sofa

Modular furniture — the invention of the century when it comes to saving space. Due to the optional parts you will have a corner sofa which can be placed in two walls. Thus, it is possible to get more guests and to have enough free space. Modular parts (for example, 2-3 puffs) will also serve as substitutes for chairs and will not be beaten out from style of the room. But if the occasion was delayed, modular sofa transformirovalsya easy to double and it can accommodate them.

2. Chairs-dolls

If the corner or modular sofas you do not like, it is always possible to seat the friends in chairs. Stools though and knocked the lead on the criterion of convenience store, but they are absolutely not comfortable. Furniture stores offer an abundance of chairs, which are formed in the doll. One of their characteristics — ease, which manifests itself in appearance.

More light in the living room

3. More light

Light colors visually expand the square footage. When planning a room is to apply the following tricks:

  • Bright Wallpaper.

Tone is selected for your taste, as long as he was not separated from the General idea of the interior.

  • Mirror.

In a small living room, they will be very helpful. Reflecting wall, they visually increase the size of the room.

  • Glass table.

If the design involves the use of modern materials (high-tech, modern), it is better to give preference to a transparent glass table.

  • A large chandelier.

In a small living room fit light chandelier, classic or designer. Let its lights Shine in different directions, if you want to buy the vertical sconces of the same series.

4. Table-drawer

Wooden table perfect for the living room in British style or loft style. To save maximum space, you should purchase a folding option, inside of which is provided free shelves. Limit of space will not allow you to put classic Cabinet with glasses and holiday plates at the wall, so you can keep this dish on the table.

Bar pendant

5. Bar pendant

The design of the Villa allows you to emphasize the prestige of the owner of considerable size bar, but in a small living room to give it is not necessary. You can store alcohol in a stylish horizontal panel that is easily placed on the wall.

tall, narrow cabinets for living room

6. Not in width, and up

Use a classic dressers, a tall and narrow closets with multiple shelves. So you will visually raise the ceiling and save free space.

Vertical bookshelf

7. Vertical bookshelf

In apartments with a good library would agree that the books take up too much space. The idea was to raise them to the height of the arm over the entire width of the room. Appropriate this decision is for the wall which houses the TV or the picture.

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