6 things you should know about children’s brain

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Did you know that in the first year of life a child’s brain doubles in size? And the fact that children under one year can not relax while not sleeping? Or what educational DVDs your child will not teach? Welcome to a fascinating tour of the brain of a child.

All children are born too early

Biologists argue that if unborn children were not limited by the size of the pelvis of the mother, most likely, they stayed in the womb longer, to be able to develop more.

Because the female pelvis is relatively narrow, children in the womb are «programmed» so that the pregnancy ends around forty weeks, though their brain at this point reaches only a quarter of the size of the adult brain.

Therefore, some experts say the first three months of a baby’s life, as a sort of «fourth trimester» when the brain undergoes rapid development. Basically, develop social skills – for example, on a conscious smile, the child is able between the tenth and fourteenth weeks of life.

The rapid growth

After birth a child’s brain develops at an incredible rate. During the first year of life it reaches sixty percent of the size of the adult human brain. For admission to the school is the brain grows to its full size, but his development is still unfinished and evolving even after the twentieth year of life.

Parts vs. Whole

Children’s brains contain more neural connections than the adult brain, and also has less inhibitory neurotransmitters. Consequently, children have less attention to detail and more experience things as a whole, while the adults, in turn, pay more attention to the details.

We can say that the attention of the child is like a lantern which lights up the entire surrounding region, the attention of adults – as a flashlight, which sheds light only on a very narrow segment of space.

Willingness to learn

According to experts, sophomoric shows that the child is ready to learn adult speech, or verbal expression. When your child begins to speak «in Kiswahili,» or his own language, he learns to imitate your intonation and patterns of social communication, where one person speaks and the other listens.

In addition, studies have clearly shown that the more you talk to your child, so it is smarter.

Educational DVDs and CDs are useless

Unfortunately, if you bought baby a bunch of educational DVDs and CDs, hoping that with them he will learn to talk, count and so on, without your intervention, you can easily throw them away.

They are in vain. Scientists have shown that newborns are already able to distinguish the voice of the people alive and recorded on audio or video. And they can be taught only in living people who pay attention to them. DVD simply is no substitute.

A child’s brain can be overloaded

Children, of course, need incentives and interaction with other people, but their brain also needs rest and periods without incentives, that is, in the full dream. The ability to maintain the children’s attention is very short and limited.

If there are too many stimuli, the brain can be over-stimulates and congested. It causes irritability, sleep problems, tantrums and other problems.

Please note that children under the age of twelve months is unable to relax during wakefulness, they are for recreation necessary to bed.

Details about organic brain damage can be found on the website doctorbersenev.org. This information will be useful to anyone for prevention of disease.

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