5 ways to fill your house with cosiness

The child and order in the nursery

Child order in a child’s room – a rarity. As children and adults, regardless of age, always with great joy forward to the weekend. And it’s not so much that there is no need to go to school or to work, and that can be plenty enjoy a homelike atmosphere, to sleep in his beloved bed, together to cook a delicious meal and make a lot of nice things.

Comfort in the house – an endless job

Every member of the family hastened home, and the weekend is not lost in a circle of strangers, it is important to create a home atmosphere of warmth and coziness, which firmly unite parents and children. This work falls on the shoulders hostess, although the ideal is to make efforts for the common cause should every. Psychologists have long established a link between the home environment and well-being of each family member. Than more friendly and positive mood in the house, the better and happier he feels every member of the family. Later, the children will strive to create an atmosphere in their families.

Comfort takes years. Through trial and error to match colors, decor items, small accessories, linoleum or parquet, change (easy to choose in the online stores, namely kovrishop/) on the cozy carpet for your home, change curtains and Drapes, furniture and lighting.

However, the most important thing that comes with age and brings comfort is strong, the relationship between husband and wife, children and parents, filled with love, trust and care.

5 rules of comfort

To achieve harmony in the home, only when it reigns in the soul, but little tips will help in this case.

  1. The house should be quiet, the loudest sound is a joyful laughter.
  2. The house should not be large patches of aggressive colors.
  3. Things do not have to limit personal space.
  4. The use of the maximum amount of natural materials.
  5. Some of the decor items you need to make your own whole family.

When making each of the living rooms need to take into account the views and wishes of its owners, but don’t forget about the three basic colors: white, pastel, gray and their shades. If a child wants a red bed in the form of cars, it will not distract him from studying or doing work, if it is to stand out against the light walls.When the family are athletes or fans of a healthy lifestyle, it is important for them to highlight the area with equipment or facilities. The decor of the floor in this area fit office carpet, which is not only easy care, but also resistant to stress.

Children, passionate hobby must have extra space for storage or small work areas with the necessary tools to develop skills or replenishment of collections. What is the hostess – she would be happy to drink a Cup of fragrant coffee in the cozy kitchen and the silence that is not off-putting and comforting. Comfort at home is a great achievement, requires rewards and has no price.

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