5 of the rules of interior decorating — designer tips

five rules for a successful decor-interior

In the early stages of repair of apartment space, no time to think about the design of the room decor. When it comes to the selection and purchase of items, should apply the 5 rules of interior decoration, which will be discussed in this article.

First rule – color, such as decoration home interior

Color starts with our perception of space and creates a mood. The whole house needs to be designed in the same style, but it does not mean that you can’t play with flowers. Each room is individual and has different purposes, so be sure to paint all the walls in white or grey shades. Also complicate decorating interior design painting the walls in bright colors too. Here it is better to seek advice from a designer. The ability to add color that will appear when choosing curtains and furniture, paintings or crockery.

The second rule is the texture

Many famous designers insist that the more room items with different textures, even though they will be couched in the same tone, the more memorable and always will be a new experience. Items for interior decoration were very diverse, you can easily create a new interior without major changes. All this became possible thanks to the texture.

The third rule is comfort

Home is the space in which we relax and rest, this place in which we spend the most significant moments of his life, in his family. It should not look like a Museum exhibition, which we want to surprise everyone. The house should be comfortable, only the necessary items and favorite things. Cleaning the house should not become a weekly penal servitude, it is therefore necessary to exclude from use of unnecessary things.

The fourth rule – individuality

Every person on Earth is unique, what allows his house to be the same. In your home, you can use any design and idea, even if for some it will be strange. Bright posters with the image of the food in the kitchen or the drawing Board, unusual lighting or bright animal figures. All designer interior decorationshould be a reflection of the person who owns them.

Table clock place most often in the offices or on the nightstand in the bedroom. Such a watch must be stable, besides, the dial should be clear and large. However, it is possible to combine beauty and comfort.

Table clock, these days, talking more about the status than about the need to know the time. For example, the model can be found on the website chasy-nastolnye/, more suitable for luxury interiors: classical, Baroque, Empire, V. p.

Fifth rule – do not rush

In the process of making a new space, there’s always a lot of ideas and items. This may be the reason that at the time of purchase, the choice will be made incorrectly. The main thing in such important and long-term business, as a decoration of your interior – don’t rush. Rush depletes and exhausts the budget, and there are problems with what to do with unnecessary things. First, try to choose basic pieces of furniture, bedroom, living room and kitchen, and little things like textiles and decor items, to leave on then, to choose them more carefully and thoughtfully.

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