11 tips for beginner photographer

11 tips for beginner photographer

Wanting to keep the memories for longer we are trying to make more of your photos from travels, important moments of our lives and just have a good vacation with friends. Using 11 tips for the novice photographer, you can always get good pictures, no matter what your camera, even if shooting is conducted on the phone.

  1. First of all, photographing someone, pay attention to the composition, which surrounds, in the background there should be no protruding objects from the head, if you are photographing in a crowded place it is best if the frame does not get other people.
  2. Is important that the photographer stood with his back to the sun, and not Vice versa, since sunlight can get into the scene and strongly to ruin, osvetli photo. But at the same time it is important to monitor the ingress of the shadow in the frame.
  3. Photographing a group of people, arrange them so that it looked harmoniously, that would not be composition on the growth or the vast pile.
  4. It is best to make several pictures in a row that when viewing on your computer to detect possible defects (someone yawned, blinked, and the like) and choose the most appropriate.
  5. Making photos is important not to crop the feet, hands and other body parts, so it is best to remove during processing.
  6. More practice – this is perhaps the most important component for those who want to have photographing high-quality images. Only by learning from your mistakes you will achieve a good result. Consider pictures of professional photographers. For example, on the website nickgulik/ you can find lots of examples of quality wedding and portrait photos.
  7. Getting ready to photograph an event, prepare carefully: charge the battery, for those who intend long to remove it is best to carry a spare, make sure that the memory card has enough space.
  8. If you often fuzzy pictures because of trembling of hands, get a tripod.
  9. You are a photographer and using the camera you have to track which view is better and what not, it is especially important to consider the time taking pictures of someone, after all, what if the pictures are really cool, need to show the most advantageous postures that the defects were hidden or less noticeable.
  10. Photo processing is a procedure available to everyone. This does not have to be a master of photoshop, today there are many programs and applications that even a child will understand. It is enough to change the brightness and saturation of your photos and, if necessary, to correct silent photo and it will take on a completely new paint.
  11. Don’t be afraid that your pictures will be criticized, and it is better to listen to the advice, and possibly true, you are doing something wrong.

The photograph is the imprint of past moments, watching which you can dive into memories. Don’t be afraid to experiment and you will succeed.

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