10 rules for watching cartoons

10 rules for watching cartoons

Of course, watching cartoons is one of the favorite pastimes of kids of all ages. Sometimes adults, not without pleasure watching the adventures of the drawn characters. However, even in this seemingly simple case, there are subtleties.

1. Not to show to children up to three years

Experts do not recommend watching cartoons children up to three years. Even despite all the innocence and kindness of the hero, the child may be frightened of it (after all, many children are afraid of clowns in the circus!), because it is not yet sufficiently developed associative and abstract thinking.

2. See for yourself, before you enable the child

Before watching the cartoon a child by an adult is necessary to reconsider it. Almost any cartoon can be found on the website videobaza/multfilmy. Unfortunately, in today’s world the commercial industry is driven by the public, and manufacturers can under the innocent name of «hide» products with unacceptable for children’s perception of the content.

3. Not to show the cartoons are harmful to the psyche

If the plot or the course of action in the cartoon contains many scenes of violence, obscene or harsh language, from watching this cartoon, of course, have to give. Moreover, parents should pay attention to the music. Too disturbing or dissonant background sound can negatively affect the psyche of the baby.

4. Read reviews of experts

Some parents believe that watching Soviet or Russian cartoons better. Experts on this subject do not give any recommendations. Rather, in this case, is the place to be a subjective assessment of the parents.

5. Watching

Viewing is best done together to discuss their experiences with child together happy or sad about what is happening. In extreme cases, to always have the ability to simply turn off the TV or computer.

6. Age limit

Be sure when you select a cartoon to draw attention to the age limit. These are the numbers of «3», «+12», etc. which can be found on the poster or DVD.

7. Length is no more than an hour

The younger the child the shorter should be the duration of the film, but in any case not to exceed one hour. Viewing too long or the cartoon series should be split into «sessions».

8. Give preference to educational cartoons

School-age children will not be superfluous to show developmental or educational cartoon.

9. Discuss the content of the cartoon after watching

In any case it is not necessary to show your dismissive attitude toward cartoons and after watching to share your sincere impressions, discuss characters and their actions.

10. Follow your own opinion

And finally, before you show a particular cartoon to a child, parents need to ask the question to myself: I’d Like to see a cartoon in your childhood?

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