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When the article came out about those beards that don’t like women, we immediately thought of ZZ Top, because they have these beards is just a very go. Chief we have joked that these guys with these beards were born. So why not write about them today?

This famous American Blues-rock band notable in the first place the fact that for almost 50 years, she not only never changed its composition, but also stayed true to her style, unlike those Metallica.

Young 20-year-old guitarist and singer Billy Gibbons was an avid fan of Elvis Presley. He tried to learn from the charismatic move of the King, his behavior and style. Not surprisingly, the man very quickly founded the group the» Moving Sidewalks, which played a quite specific music that is reminiscent of psychedelic rock. The group was widely known in very narrow circles, and perhaps could be even more popular if you suddenly descended on the war in Vietnam and almost all of the participants took to fight. Billy found the same left after the call, dusty hill and Frank Byrd. They never broke up. The guys came up with the name for the new group ZZ Top. Where did it come from? It is believed that it inspired by the American Blues singer Z. Z. Hill or that is a symbiosis of the names of two famous brands of manufacturers of paper rolling and Zigzag Top. But this is only a legend.

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The group did not miss the opportunity to play anywhere, because someday you’re lucky, right? So why not take advantage of all the options that life presents us? And fortune smiled upon the boys: he offered to record the first album. He got the name «ZZ Top’s First Album». The attitude of the Blues, the group was quite frivolous, so their style is even called «Alternative Blues». The album though has been marked by many positive reviews, but did not make the band popular. The second album, «Rio Grande Mud», the situation was corrected and brought the bearded popularity. After they decided to take part in a promotional tour, Rolling Stones 1972.

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But the third album with elegant song «La Grange» with cool guitar riffs made the band immediately popular and quickly. The album went platinum, and the Trinity, charismatic and confident on stage in his strange biker costumes became very famous. Deciding to consolidate your fame, guys, in 1974, organized at the stadium of the University of Texas event, dubbed «Texas-Size Rompin’ Stompin’ Barndance and Bar-B-Q». We had about 85 thousand people. After that, the University administration decided never to conduct any concerts. The ban was removed only after twenty years.

Promotional tour in support of her third album was very epic. The guys promised to bring a piece of the Texas guys has kept his promise. The scenery consisted of cactus (where without them), typical of Texas corners of the ranch, barns and domestic animals. Once on the scene even drove a herd of cattle and a live Buffalo. And then someone in the band brought to the stage a true rattlesnake. In monetary terms the tour was more than just a very successful one: the guys earned a record $ 11.5 million.

In 1979, dudes, met to record a new album, Billy Gibbons and dusty hill, was surprised to find that they both released a powerful long beard, not even saying a word. The third band member Frank beard (his name, incidentally, translates as «beard») followed their example — probably because it’s and so got to tease a beard.

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The 1983 album «Eliminator» did not like devoted fans of Blues part of a group, they unanimously said «EW» when I heard the songs popular at that time synthesizer. But the wide audience of electronic motives were very congenial. The group immediately became terribly popular, their album has sold more than 10 million copies, and about the bearded talk of the world. In the same year the group appeared the famous bright red Roadster Ford 1933 model year, became close with beards their calling card.

Dude first appeared in films in 1989 in the film «Back to the future — 3». After that, the bearded men often glimpsed in various shows, and references to their group still abound in popular books, movies and TV shows.

In 2004 the guys got a cushy spot in the Hall of fame rock-n-roll. With 2008, they promise us a new album, but no, so no, although last year on the official website has information about its release Will wait.

Of course, the bearded men did a lot of good for music in General and rock-n-roll, Blues, metal and psychedelia in particular. These dudes are young at heart, and when we look at the cheerful performance of these resilient everlasting Oldies, who for 50 years never broke up, we believe in beautiful, good and bright. And they are these weird beard.

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