Zombification continues. Naked man in Pennsylvania roared like an animal, in parallel, trying to obladat woman’s face

Twenty-year-old guy in Pennsylvania was found naked and covered in blood after he tried to eat off the face of the woman. His actions are exactly the same as the case of the «Cannibal from Miami», who was shot in may this year.

State police used a Taser to disarm Richard’s Kimono after the two women were paying for help and said that the guy was screaming like an animal» and «began to gnaw» the face of one of them.

According to state police, the guy behaved inappropriately and rushed to one of the police officers and my partner had no choice but to use a Taser.

In the beginning Richard had tried to get into one of the houses, but the owners woke up and kicked him out. Kimono then ran into an empty house down the block, tearing down the road. After some time, a ghoul jumped from the second floor window and went to the two women who were passing by.

Kimono knocked one of them to the ground, after which it was poured the blood of the guy when he began to chatter and try to bite her, however, he uttered heart-rending cries.

We don’t know what to say about it. Is the world really heading for the abyss? I think people should stop use drugs, which makes their brains so much that they want to eat someone’s face.

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