Zombies with smartphones: how to use the phone less

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2016_2RAy3AJQktx0SYou spend too much time on the phone. Most people have the same problem. Wherever you go, people’s faces are riveted to the glowing screens in bars and restaurants, on the sidewalks and in the subways, friendly gatherings and even at football matches — all gives blue light. Maybe it’s time to talk about your addiction?

The problem

It is not surprising that modern society has developed a certain caste of people who hate technology and all kinds of novelties in the smartphone market. Imagine if every tear from their screens-chains? What will happen to the world? Nothing special, except that everyone was out of some obscure mass of hard drinking, madness and focus on the things that really matter.

After all, you keep telling yourself you have no time to pursue his dream. No time to learn to play the guitar, to learn physics or to enroll in Thai Boxing.

But if you look up from your smartphone, be sure you have about 4 hours of free time a day.

You can spend them on. For example, to improve their physical and mental performance, to concentrate on their careers or just more hanging out. Incentives for getting rid of smartphone are obvious — the less time you spend on the phone, the more time you have to achieve important goals. Modern technology is, of course, good, but not when they take away our life. Today we help to deal with the obsession.

Understanding of good and bad

The suppression of dependence on the smartphone much like a tobacco control. You need to make exactly the same efforts to defeat the addiction for good. When you quit Smoking, you’re trying to replace the addiction to cigarettes is another bad habit. Usually people just start to get drunk, both in terms of food and drink. Man, perhaps, determined to feel the painful connection with any matter, object, effect. Maybe this is called humanity. The point is to put on a vacant place, not reptile, and the righteous. For example, you can replace the urge to phone productive work, writing a book or building a retro car. Direct your energy in a constructive way and you’ll be happy with the result.

Without planning anywhere

Work.com.ua_5.09.2016_vZAHsQtu9QfjyWhen promise ourselves «never again» not to hang around watching the tape at three in the morning, then the next day all is forgotten at once. All because you didn’t have a real plan that would help you to change. There is suitable comparison with the diet — if you want to lose weight, but can’t decide what and how much you will eat, you will not lose weight. You can’t just «eat less». We need a system. And with technology. Write down on paper the reasons why you decided to restrict access to the smartphone screen, then write down the time that you can devote yourself to social networks, email, browsing news. When you have a list where mail can be spent only 5 minutes of your time on social networks no more than 20 minutes, you will move from the dead point.

Wear watch

People often pull out the phone to check the time. But on this test they do not stop and within seconds doing aimless web surfing, flipping through Instagram, enjoying it a large number of beautiful women.

To resist the urge to think about a wristwatch.

They will help you to keep your phone in your pocket when you suddenly want to know the time. Besides, the watch will never be superfluous.

To remove the message, turn on the night «mode» on the plane»

In the comments to the article about saving time, we suggested a sensible and simple solution not to get stuck at night in the phone — simply turn off notifications from different group chats, and enable «airplane» mode when on the ground darkness falls. Currently testing, but at least one person is helped.

Put friend on the right path

Remember a workout at the gym. To engage productively with a friend than without him. One, often, you’re at half-strength. Talk to buddies about dependence on modern technology. Most people will think your stories are senile, but we hope that there will be people who will say: «You’re right, buddy! I have exactly the same problem!». If one more person begin to deal with such a minor but unpleasant disease, you will feel better.

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