«Zaporozhets» is always in trend

Work.com.ua_15.02.2016_yzFPFgA3pET4HYou’re probably familiar with one of the coolest brands «Zaporozhets». On the pages of our magazine, you sure have seen him, maybe, long ago fell in love with this brand. Personally, we have a very positive attitude to everything what this company does, and therefore decided to tell you more about how it all started and what else to expect from this truly worthy of domestic companies.

This Russian brand has come a long way from creating simple t-shirts with prints up to a full-fledged brand, in the line which is the technological winter jackets, backpacks, pants, sweaters and lots of interesting accessories. Without a doubt, «Zaporozhets» can be called one of the most recognizable and famous brands in our country.

The formation of the brand is based on several important factors including high standards of quality, natural, technological fabrics and incredible attention to detail. I agree, very nice when brand not only creates beautiful clothes but also cares about the little things, constantly developing and improving its products. But the most interesting and very important advantage of the brand is a unique style and design inspired by the boundless heritage of our country.

So, on the shirts from «zaporozhtsa» you can see the famous image of a box of matches, tourist posters from Crimea medals issued in the Soviet Union, the Ostankino TV tower or, for example, the famous 8-bit duck, which we had to hunt with a light gun on the nes console. The designers decided not to copy Western brands, but to go their own way, not limited to banal inscriptions in Russian, and playing with interesting and original image in a new way, thereby causing avaricious nostalgic tear from the older generation and the cheers of the young. The design of the «Zaporozhets» – this is a modernized classic: respect for the achievements and heritage of our country, is perfectly combined with modern tailoring, style and materials, which is worth mentioning separately.

As mentioned above, the materials of the brand «Zaporozhets» is another huge achievement for the brand. Most often it is the organic and natural components that do not harm nature. And this applies not only to natural cotton fabrics, and their toothbrushes out of biodegradable bamboo, knives with handle of walnut tree, iron pots, created in Soviet factories more than fifty years ago, or soap made from vegetable components. Thus, the creators of «Zaporozhets» care for the world around us and try to make it a little cleaner and better, which is a rarity in our time.

Nice to know that all these achievements are added together, giving the seemingly simple things unique features that set «Zaporozhets» compared to other brands. Nostalgia in design, the love for the heritage of our vast country, natural materials, care for the environment and a neat play on important historical details allowed the brand to forge ahead, using a truly unique and fresh aesthetic which has the taste of both young and adult generation.

I am glad that «Zaporozhets» does not stop there, often surprising everyone with new events, interesting releases and collaborative work with other, no less interesting brands, which expand and raise the bar of quality. However, the first serious step of the brand this year will be the opening of its first mono-brand store which will open its doors at the end of February. There will be not only to get acquainted with a wide range of the brand, but imbued with his unique and incomparable atmosphere.

The official store opening will take place on 23 February, the defender of the Fatherland Day, on the third floor of the iconic Flacon Market. This event will appreciate not only the opportunity to buy things, but also give a lot of unforgettable experiences thanks to a rich and very interesting program.

Everyone, including, probably, will both old and new friends of the brand, will be able to drink tea from a samovar, offers traditional bagels with the taste of childhood and to enjoy the most famous filmstrips, which, most likely, the younger generation and all will hear for the first time. This, of course, immersion in the atmosphere of «Zaporozhets» will not be finished. So, fans of the cars will be able to ride the original Cossacks, or visit a small exhibition devoted to the most famous models of the company, which, in fact, become a major source of inspiration for the creators of the brand.

In addition, you will find an interesting art performance with the participation of artists and wonderful music from a disc jockey Ian in the clip which has an incredible collection of plates from the most famous artists. But if you find this not enough, an extra surprise will be able to enjoy a live performance is the Soul Mini with their light songs in the style of soul and funk-rock.

Of course, in addition to all the above, at the opening you’ll find a lot of interesting people, various competitions, an intimate atmosphere and new things from «Zaporozhets», which can be purchased right on the spot.

By the way, you can visit the opening of the whole family, thereby supporting the young and truly unique brand, which continues its development and soon will delight us with new releases. If we were in Moscow, would not miss this event. So go for it, man.

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