Zach Galifianakis: more than Alan from «the Hangover»

I love all of Galifianakis, who doesn’t, he is just jealous. Or you don’t like fat bearded Greeks weirdo? As one wise Englishman, «who doesn’t love the Greeks, he does not love the world.» So like Zach, but this is not a Jordanian suicide bomber, but it is a peace-loving actor from America on Greco-Irish roots and complex for the majority of the inhabitants of the planet name.

It was the actor won’t call him a comedian, because this title is long tired of the main eccentric Hollywood in recent years. He wants to be an actor, thin, clean-shaven, and versatile, wants to be taken seriously, after all, uncle was already 46 years old. But it turns out not very good, and after the «Bergman» serious role-not expected – a solid Comedy, including romantic. Nevertheless, it has changed a lot, changed myself for not suit many. But that’s why it deserves special attention.

By right of birth, Zachary knight Galifianakis has the right to run for President of the United States and can repeat the career of Reagan, because he was born in the southern state of North Carolina. He had a happy childhood football team, the boy scouts. But he was also pretty small for his age, silent, exposed and vulnerable. One day he wanted to be an architect, the next champion of Wimbledon. But the father says he always knew that Zach would be an actor. When he was four, he pointed at the TV and asked: «How to get there?» After school, Galifianakis wanted to go directly to new York, but his parents persuaded him to enroll at the University of North Carolina. He had few friends. According to him, «was alone.» His University major was communications, and he attended a course called «the Study of dirt», which perfectly fit in with the familiar to us.

He could not become an actor, and to engage in other socially useful activity, like his uncle, Congressman Nick Galifianakis. But, unfortunately, he failed the final exams, not to reach only one score to the required minimum level, and moved to new York. Love for Comedy has lived there until now. By this time he was very much disappointed in life and grow into the bloom of apathy, which now distinguishes it from the regulars of the film, and therefore, the humorous numbers show next to the van for selling burgers in times square seemed to him quite normal. Moreover, some vendors who became friends, were often treated to good-natured funny fat man favorite food.

His other friends were Kurdish rebels, who kept the restaurant, where future comedian had the good fortune to work with. The fact that Zach decided to take acting lessons, but «petrosyanstvo» a lot of money did not bring. After work he liked to get drunk and wander around the subway tunnels at night, stepping off of the paths whenever there is a train. Since then he had two passions – drinking and walking. If from the first he was able to get rid of, the second was a bit late in the «diet» still. However, due to the fact that an important meeting Zach prefers to walk, punctuality, he does not possess.

The next few years were spent on the script of a typical Hollywood story: a crappy apartment with neighbors, drug addicts, crappy work and crappy prospects. Recognition came slowly. Galifianakis starred in several sitcoms, which he, according to his custom, refers to it as «sheetkomami», and in a lot of bad movies, which would’ve puked most Uwe Boll. In the movie called «Out Cold», he played a snowboarder whose member stuck in the sink bath. Once it took a writer on «Saturday Night Live». For many young comedians it’s like the dream job, and for the Zach it was a lot better than being in see fart Comedy. And he came up with a sketch about Britney Spears in the days when she was young, attractive and considered talented. In this sketch, the singer gives an interview for the entertainment show, and suddenly she unexpectedly starts bleeding from the mouth. Britney laughed.

I remember just staring at the floor for about twenty seconds and was silent. Work forty-five thousand microphones, and I’m trying to impress eighteen year old pop singer.However, not impressed by anybody. He worked there for two weeks.

Then there was the sad story of «Tru Calling» on the employee of the morgue who could communicate with the dead. Zach was struggling to get him fired. He insulted the main character, throw scripts in the trash. I must say, the episode was closed. A strange attitude to work, Zach was well aware that without these roles will not be a great movie, but a feeling of disgust overcame common sense. He starred in another show called «Dog Bites Man», which is also hated, but for a different reason. Command transmission depicted reporters and interviewed these people – what sort of alloy «Let them talk» and «Borat». For example, Zach had to ask the head of the modern Ku Klux Klan, did the «big momma’s House 2». Of Galifianakis bothered that he had to play ordinary people, taking advantage of their kindness and sensibility. The most disgusting was the day when they are in search of targets for jokes, interviewed the pastor in a huge Church, and he began with the heartbreaking story of the death of his son. Galifianakis began to cry and had to leave.

Then his fame grew by leaps and bounds, about the Jolly fat man began to speak more and more often, and all of a sudden a cheerful stream of his talent he sprinkled Comedy scene of America. However, so far only the alternative scene. There’s a very funny bearded majored in jokes one sentence and bizarre protrusions, like the movement of the lips under children’s songs from musicals or stand-up rooms in the style of XVIII century. Although even then, he was more popular than all the participants of the show «Stand-up» on TNT.

Galifianakis says he never wanted to be a celebrity, he was perfectly happy to play Messenger Number Two, I want to smoke weed and live your life. Although, of course, it is disingenuous, otherwise I would not live so much time in the van, choosing between beer and food hearty, soothing drink. They can be filled pribaldet.

I’ll be honest: adjusting to fame not very good at it. I’m not complaining. Most would find it difficult to adapt. I was just confused when people ask me questions. I have no one was not asked. And when someone says, «Oh, so you’re on the cover of Rolling Stone», my first reaction is: «uh-uh, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I mean, it’s cool, but doesn’t necessarily put me on the cover? There are up to Blink-182?He would return to his farm in North Carolina, to sit on a pile of manure and shamelessly devour a Burger, pretending that everything in life is fine, but this huge area of seven acres (by the way, it was filmed a video for the song Kanye West) you need to keep. His long-awaited little son also needs to contain, and his wife, a former ballerina who helps Zachary to lead the Fund to help Third world countries. And when reporters once again asked about interesting moments from the shooting, he proposes to hear the story about how his wife attended a camp for sex slaves in Cambodia.

Now this exasperated glory everywhere, she literally gives him no peace. His phrase of «Bachelor party» became a modern classic, his face is guaranteed to cause laughter. It is, of course, wish it was not so. Like many comedians, he is bored from his own image.

Jokes are not born a good life. I think if a comedian gets the approval of the crowd, it contradicts why they got there. I’m mad at the audience: do you dare to love me?

When Galifianakis said that «the Hangover» ruined his life, he was joking only partially. When Zack walks down the street, come up to him every five minutes, perhaps because it seems so affordable. His life is a constant barrage of unexpected incursions.

Scares the shit out of me when people want me to take a picture. I am in this respect like a big kid. They treat you like a cartoon character. There is nothing you can do but laugh about it. And I react so if I’m in the mood. Sometimes me it’s crazy annoying.So he shocked everyone with their appearance, dropping a few dozen pounds and shave off my legendary beard, what has disappointed millions of fans of Alan from the «Hangover» around the world. It was the fans of Alan, but not of Zack. Yes, he looked tired and sick and looked more like an old Indian grandmother, but not as beautiful as other famous Greek singer of Franz Ferdinand Alex Kapranos. The secret of weight loss is simple: you just need to quit drinking. «The less you drink, the less you eat, because you have to constantly bite to eat.» As with alcohol, was a lot of problems, including drunken fights in the streets. Galifianakis and is not capable of.

Over the past few years the Hollywood mainstream is steadily moving in the direction of Zach, using his eccentric charm in the Comedy-type «Butt» (where he played a strange bearded man with the dog), dramas («It’s kind of a funny story» – a strange bearded guy in a mental hospital) and Comedy series («Bored To Death» on HBO – a strange bearded guy who draws comics). And, of course, «Stag». But he just didn’t give up. When Sean Penn called to offer the role of Zach in the movie «Into the wild», Galifianakis said that he had a meeting in the Arby’s restaurant and asked to «send my Jews the script». When he first met with Phillips and Robert Downey Jr. to discuss «Close», it went on the bike all the twenty-four kilometer away Downey, came later and sweaty and in the process insulted the girl Downey lived. By the end of dinner, he drank four glasses of wine and couldn’t drive home, so Phillips had to put his bike to his trunk.

And all of that his whole soul hates «the dream Factory», almost like Jack London, who scorned the writer’s craft. Zach prefers to keep a low profile, despite his success, it is also recognized that an aversion to Hollywood, which constantly congratulates itself, and, in fact, not interested in the welfare of their celebrities and calls it all a «freak show.» One of his close friends once said: «Hollywood is full of things that don’t amaze. He’s not specifically trying to be harsh or dismissive – it’s just not him.» And his hatred, he showed quite elegantly.

For the first time, Galifianakis was the host of the show «Saturday Night Live» the day before the Oscars, and, according to her friend Sarah Silverman, the organizers of the ceremony wanted to he flew to Los Angeles the next morning to participate in the filming. Zach just said «nope». For many it is the greatest honor, cooler only to get the coveted statuette, and he «nope.» What could be cooler than to «SNL» and then to fly to Los Angeles for an Oscar? Is that to say «nope».

This whole Zach: tough, cynical and strange. From these facts, it is not too much fun, after all, want the idol was perfect, but is mentioned here a strange comparison – Konstantin Nikolsky. There is an old rocker who hates all who despise former colleagues in the group, and sings his own mind, refusing to understand that there is nothing new to the spectator already does not. Zach is the same, but his apathetic state of demand, it is at these crudeness makes money. No, he’s not Andy Kaufman, unlike Andy, Galifianakis funny, and people know what are they laughing. After all, you understand, what are you laughing at Galifianakis show «Between two ferns»? The thing in which Barack Obama allegedly showed himself a master of trolling (although it is clear that this scenario work). People loves when the stars kidding. The genre has long been beaten, but Galifianakis was able to restore it, while not forgetting that he himself is a star, so don’t forget about the irony. However, your favorite jokes to Zach he was pusateri jokes about excess weight and trying to be the leading nightmare, even worse than Andrei Malakhov, has made him one of the most notable network show. In the West love to create programs, flirting with the absurdity of this is that most successful. And questions like: «When you did «the whole Nine yards», you are not frightened by the idea that the film can get very good?» – have become classics.

However, the seeds of the program «the most disgusting leading in the world» was planted already in 2002, when he was instructed to show «Late world with Zach». He was absolutely indifferent to what he said to his guests – he is dismissed or quietly insulted them. Once Galifianakis managed to lobby for the idea of installation of manholes under their chairs. Zack addressed the children, talking to them on urgent topics (e.g., why blue clay similar in taste to a red pencil) and generally had fun to the fullest.

I got away with it. But when I try to be sincere, people just roll their eyes.

And this sincerity is evident in his stories about how he cried at the wedding of his sister, stories about how dad kissed him goodbye on the lips, their impressions about the trip to Greece at the age of 14 and that he would love to live there for at least a few months. This is a singer with popovichem Cache name he could easily say I don’t want to communicate with her because she has very bad songs, or prior to the Hollywood crowd, throw a habitually respectful phrase: «Nice to meet you! I did not know that we are here for the night gay pool party». But in real life he is good. It’s on TV, maybe smoke a joint, and in everyday life will definitely share it with your friends.

For all his shocking oddities Zach is quite old-fashioned. He doesn’t like to swear. He believes that reality shows are the scourge of a generation, and when the students run up and say «Bachelor party» is their favorite movie, he says that they have bad parents. Because it really feels that way. But to joke and to play in comedies’t leave for one simple reason: he can’t get through the day to get over his jokes didn’t laugh. Here’s a controversial guy, this Alan from «Hangover».

Honestly, if I could tell you about the most important things for me, I’d tell you. In the end, that’s exactly what I want to talk about. But I don’t know if I can. It’s complicated. Why? Because this is not a joke.

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