Z MP Mobile Phone6 01: minimalism for the immodest sum

Zaradi.com.ua_31.07.2015_JnOjLd731CkvIAt the time, like your mom is confused in the iPhone, the smart people invent the telephone, devoid of every svistelok-perdelok. It seems that in our age of high-tech that can’t be? Not at all, see for yourself.

It would seem that in the age of information technology smartphones are created in order to rid us of unnecessary items and take on the maximum number of duties. But what if you every day more and more tired of the electronic assistant? All your time and attention is spent on social networks, games, etc. In this case, you will come to the aid of cave minimalism – Punkt MP01, which allows you to do a few things: make calls, receive and send text messages, view contacts list, to work with your calendar and set an alarm. Can you imagine what is happening to our civilization, if we are creating a mobile phone for calls in the 21st century!? It is like a woman – exclusively for pregnancy, and Superman – only in new York! What will happen to us…


If you thought that this product for everyone, especially for those who are tired of smartphones, you are deeply mistaken. Pay attention to the price. Equipped with a 2-inch LCD display, covered by Gorilla glass, Punkt MP01 costs $295. In sale it will arrive only in September of this year.

But the phone has its advantages, just like the old Nokia is its durability. runkt MP01 can work from a single battery charge for up to 4 weeks and talktime up to 290 minutes. According to the developers of the phone is created not so much as a replacement of the smartphone, much as a companion that you can use on the weekend or at home after 6pm when you want to turn off the smartphone, to a little repose, but it was to be without communication is impossible. Only apparently they don’t know that it is easier every two days to charge the phone than to spend the money on completely unnecessary things.

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