Yuri Vlasov — the man with the glasses who inspired Schwarzenegger

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2014_3dWmzECdtVSC4In September 1961, in Vienna from the Soviet Union came a man with the body of a weightlifter and the face of a Soviet scientist in the big horned-rim glasses. This man was unhealthy, but still successfully poobedal all heavyweights. This dude respected brute force and endurance, but did not like rivals, despite the rules of etiquette. During one break, he was brought a thin lanky boy. The interpreter informed the athlete that the boy is involved in sports, and the athlete of his idol. The man with the glasses wished the guy well in the future, talked about his love for the force said that the force likes to workout, and workout make people winners. Athlete keen to talk to the boy and almost immediately forgot about it. After 27 years in the USSR landed a man with very big muscles, which the whole world knew as a champion and actor. It was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie went straight to the President of the weightlifting Federation of the country, which was very surprised that I wanted to meet with him a world star. This chair was a legendary athlete Yuri Vlasov, who completely forgot about the skinny Austrian boy who accidentally inspired to become Iron Arnie.


Vlasov noted that Arnie was great for his forty years, and looked good, aviacionnym person than immediately endeared himself to famous athletes. «I was led to the dressing room. You said that if I trained, I have data for the big wins. Victory loves resistant. Your speech made a tremendous impression on me. I would have believed you. For several years I stubbornly practiced with a barbell, but the result in the sports weightlifting did not. However, I already fell in love with the sport and could not accept failure. I switched to bodybuilding. And then it all went. I think you kind of turned my life, and I owe you…» said Arnie Yuri Vlasov. The Vlasov Schwarzenegger was highly respected because he was watching his progress, but from knowledgeable people heard that Arnie always trained to self-torture for the sake of ideas, not success with women, money and all. Although from the women and money he refused, of course.

Vlasov himself was passionately fond of exercise. Even after lung disease in 60 years, he continued to train. All this is because the force caused his pride and, in his opinion, improved the quality of life. In 70 years, Vlasov continued to lift 185 pounds.


Popular in the Soviet Union, Vlasov was comparable only with Gagarin. The cult of power prevailed at all times, and the strength of the Vlasov was not to occupy.

Born into a family of orientalist (there is evidence that the father was Vlasov scout) and head of the library, Vlasov did not seem could be interested in lifting weights, and could only read and do mental work. But reading Vlasov had loved — thanks to his mother.

Wanting to be like his father and trying to be a diplomat, Vlasov enters the Saratov Suvorov military school, which ends with honors. In parallel, he is interested in sports, starting with weightlifting. Running, walking, skiing and skating, our hero takes the first place, greatly surpassing their rivals. Apparently, then Vlasov was thought that the strength is worthy of respect and love. His first «heavy» capture — push core and throwing the grenade that he was doing great. 15. Vlasov weighed 90 pounds, and it was not fat. During these years, Yuri began to glance in the direction of the weightlifting, the best implementation of the idea of force.


Moscow air force engineering Academy named after N. Ye Vlasov is graduating with honors. However this time the athlete is more interested in weightlifting with his first coach. Classes bring him great success. At 22, Vlasov performs master of sports in weightlifting: clean and jerk – 185 kg snatch- 144,5 kg Interesting fact: the icon for the master of sports of the Vlasov was handed by no less than the legendary Marshal Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny. In those 22 years he falls in the list of the best athletes in the Union. 1957-became for Vlasov and sad: he gets injured legs and spine, which can put an end to his career. But after two years he becomes an honored master of sports of the USSR. In those years the absolute favorites in weightlifting were Americans. Their records seemed to be just incredible. In 1959 the triathlon Vlasov gaining the coveted 500 pounds and thus has records of Americans.


After this success, Vlasov was not to go to the Olympics would be foolish. Olympics 1960 held in Rome and became the Vlasov turning point in the fate. Vlasov was carrying the flag of the USSR, he had to fight with the Americans Norbert Shemansky and Jim Bradford. The Olympics were threatened, as the fate of Vlasov. The day before he fell seriously ill, using drugs, his results fell, and on his feet appeared boils. Under the influence of disease and bad mood Vlasov decided to have one that just became available to the public is received. Vlasov wanted to withdraw from the competition, he already went to the airport, but the coach Suren Bogdasarov persuaded Yuri to perform, despite the gossip. And he was right: the result of the triathlon – 537,5 kg. the Absolute record of the time.

We can say that at the time Vlasov finally destroyed the stereotypical image as bullies and Soviet man. Before the world appeared intelligent, well-read man in glasses with a figure of an athlete and living an interesting character.

After it’s triumphant performance in European competitions in the Soviet Union. But there was another big test — the Olympic games in Tokyo. It was then that Vlasov was nicknamed the «Superman with glasses». Main rival was Vlasov, the irony-the irony, the teammate Leonid Zhabotinsky, who was bigger and heavier than him. The result of the bench Vlasov — 197,5 kg. Jabotinsky behind almost 10 pounds. But Jabotinsky in snatch ahead of Vlasov almost 5 pounds. In a push Jabotinsky took 200 pounds, small enough for such a person. He very cleverly played, forcing Vlasov to take too much weight. On the third attempt, the jury did not take the weight, but the third attempt for Jabotinsky was extremely successful — he took the weight and gold. For the proud victory of Vlasov’s opponent was a big blow, he decided to retire from the sport, leaving the training. However, he later returned. The money made it work, the love of power.


Before retiring from the sport Vlasov wrote essays and articles about art, weight lifting and strength. After retiring from sports, he wrote books, the most successful of which was «Justice force». Most of the works of Vlasov — journalism and history.

Winner of many awards, Vlasov was the Deputy of the State Duma, and in 1996 even tried to become President, but scored only 0.2 % of the vote. It is believed that this is the fault of propaganda, and various dark stories about him that circulated among the people. More in politics Vlasov did not return.

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