You’ve had enough of excuses

manygoodtips.com_13.01.2014_EkcpvlGKsC89VMy grandmother loves the phrase «Like a normal guy, but…» — and then follows something unpleasant about this «seemingly normal guy». Why «normal men» used to do something black and themselves as if do not understand. The most embarrassing example is when men practically doing nothing, just afraid, afraid and afraid and even find yourself excuses for that. Itself is not that funny? After all, we all like normal men. You’ve had enough of excuses. Of course, enough.

Because of you no one will weep

Imagine a sinner and close the world population seven billion people. I think all special? All weep when you’re gone? On the strength of 20 people.

When Michael Jackson died, I didn’t cry.

When ray Bradbury died I didn’t cry.

When JD Salinger died, I didn’t cry.

When Nelson Mandela died, I didn’t cry.

You know what I mean? If normal dudes not worried and very saddened by the death of even such outstanding people why they should bother you with my excuses?

And uneasy. As soon as you die no one cares about your excuses for all to spit three times stronger. If you did nothing and dropped out of the game, to blame, make excuses — no excuses. So live it to the fullest and don’t make fool of yourself.

Hormones will thank you

Taking matters into your own hands, you will be forced to make some actions. Not forced by someone else, but with myself. Now you have no choice: we must act.

Broken? No problem: get a job, save money and do business.

Depression? No problem: go work out and be grateful for what you have.

Terrible? No problem: call your parents and thank them.

Mired in the friend zone? No problem: stop acting like a friend.

Where do the hormones?

It’s simple. When you take responsibility, you’re acting like a man, because man is, by definition, survives thanks to the responsible actions. All these brave acts of control testosterone. The more often you do it, the more you need, consequently, it begins to produce more….. Profit!111

Others will begin to rely on you

Should only run amuck and behave like an obedient dog, and you finally realize that you have power and knowledge. In other words, now you can really achieve all: money, status and respect.

Will notice it. Your new outfit will be noticed. And a new car will notice. And if you repay a family debt, and you will be close to the hero of the day. Now you can easily find people who want to be friends with you and doing business with you. Even my friends — and they will carefully listen to you.

You will learn the same sad and yet wonderful truth: all people are selfish and greedy. Just like you.

You will begin to better understand others. You realize that everyone wants to get a piece of your pie. Before you finally reach that all people are attracted to success. All I want in real life, to touch what they had only read pondered at leisure.

You will gain confidence

You need to stop making excuses? Ivory a lot of discipline, a lot of work and eggs. A lot, I agree. But one day you will find that living on another frequency than 90% of others.

What you say, they did not bother.

They like the way you live.

So you can develop a lot of confidence.

You can’t be sure, waiting for others ‘ approval. No one can help you. Only your own brain.

Are you going to implement and learn a lot

Now everything is known only a posteriori. When you cease to justify future repair, there will be money to travel wherever I want. Once you admit to yourself that you are tired of the same cereal, you will find that I love Mexican food. And it’s fun!

You will hear the crap a mile away

Now you will be more far-sighted and cease to forgive all stupid behavior. You will obviously, when someone wants to cash in at your expense and do the hard work of your hands without giving you anything in return. You will be impossible to sell. Other people’s actions will be for you an open book.

Moreover, you will understand that you don’t need to sell anything to anyone. You can be yourself and not try to please people, not its format. It turns out that complex things happen easily! BAM! and you don’t have any contact with negative people who don’t believe in you. BAM! and you’re not afraid to ask for advice from people that have always been fond of.

Are you going to motivate others

A bad example is contagious, and good — even more contagious. To be a nice example. The more positive example.

You accept with their flaws

How would you good were not perfect you still can not become. And normal. Trying to be perfect, you hide your faults and blaming yourself for what you have, thereby forcing themselves into a corner.

I’m thin. I’m almost growing a beard. And I’m not worried. Before soaring and strong, but how can I? If I can’t get a beard to grow — what the hell do I care? But shaving easier. And the thickness doesn’t bother me.

You start to take themselves too seriously

Strange considering himself a fool, like I say to others: «I am a strange fool» — and get treated accordingly. Respect yourself and others will respect you.

You’ll get

You just have to work a lot.

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