Youth — disgusting: so if age is important?

In some ways, we have a cult of age. Someone, whether it is a few years older than you, maybe cynically noted that «from height of own experience» in General, he knows better and everything is clear. But how important is age? Do the number of years lived affects all aspects of human life, making it cooler, smarter, calmer, more experienced and generally? In fact, age itself is, quite logically, the number of past you years. You can live those years completely pointless: got up, had Breakfast, went to work, fixed a few problems back home. Ideally, of course, every year we meet in different many problems, overcome them, earn experience and become better, but we actually live a life, something happens, we overcome and live on. The experience of life situations, it should not be confused with what has happened, the experience only becomes an experience if you it correctly rethink. In fact, the cult of age disgusting phenomenon. Fools who do not deserve attention and dubious statements, there may be 20 years, 30 years and even 80 years, in that time, pretty smart, far-sighted companions can be of any age. It’s much more complex and interesting.

Today we will try to analyze such relevant topics as the importance of age and its impact on some human aspects. This article aims at least a little to explain to people that age often do not depend and is not a reason for pride.

1. Intelligence

The mind is a phenomenon that can be acquired. In some way it is progressing (or Vice versa), or it is not and it can at least a little to rectify the situation wisdom, observation, and full-time cones. Who would not say, but the mind is something that is either there or not. Time and age does not make people smarter, smarter than him doing challenges and original solutions, which are put before them life and work. The difference between the intelligence of a person who just lives 10 years and those who consciously all the time coached yourself and keep your brain in good shape, huge. Particularly well you feel it when you meet with people who are younger than you and will beat you in go with alarming speed. Then all your arrogance about the «high years» somehow disappears.

2. Strength and physique

Very funny to hear from some dudes absolutely serious allegations that the older a person is, the stronger it is. I understand that this works in the case of unformed teenager and adult man, but not one adult guy and more. This situation is so absurd that I wouldn’t write about her if not personally seen some friends, who in all seriousness claimed that the 20-year-old is weaker than the 30-year-old. First, why do we even compare? By weight, fighting style, according to the size of your biceps? We compare children according to their age in the passport, but it’s absurd. Know what years really matter? Experience in any sport or fitness. At my current gym there is a man who for 23 years. This rosy-cheeked man, the owner of a huge number of medals in weightlifting and the master of sports on bench press and for what. This huge good-natured carcase presses from chest obscenely huge weight as well as is wearing this Elevator operator’s exercise.

In my last gym there were a few students who started doing sports as Arnie from a young age. It is also a huge stern dudes who can do the average guy, which is anything heavier than my laptop is not dragged. So age is not independent, it depends on how long you have been in sport, and what you have physical data.

3. Character

They say that people change with age. This is partly true. But the changes are often rather cosmetic: today you liked stewed fruit, and tomorrow is somehow not very. Large changes occur in the lives of people regardless of their age, and what kind of living situation was up in front of them when they overcame a particular situation. Sometimes the loss of a loved one can cause people to rethink their lives, sometimes in blame to rethink some aspects of my life, sometimes it’s a series of failures, but never so that dude performed, for example, 25 years old, and he drastically changes his views. When I was very young, I had a friend who played in a local punk band on bass. When guy turned 18 he went off to play bass and to read romantic fantasy. I then asked: «Dude, why did you do that?» Dude I answered that he had grown up and now he doesn’t need it. Psychologically, he remained the same, it’s just that he really think this behavior is correct behavior, as he became more Mature! Infantile nerds and m*a duck that doesn’t understand what goes wrong and which is impossible to explain what he is doing wrong, you can be a lifetime if will not happen something that will force the jerk to change your traits to be more tolerant to people. Look at those poor grandmothers around who discuss the girls and yelling at people in public transport, it is unlikely that in his youth they were sugar. Little m*dovecot increases with age in most, barring something really unusual.

4. Experience

As I wrote above, life experiences does not depend on how many years you have lived, it depends on how you have lived this time and what you learned from each life lesson. Some guys seriously can give is far from the reality of the councils, supported by the alleged fact that they many years and therefore they know better. All these «don’t let a woman say the word! The man is always right» and other tips are reinforced by the certainty that if the man in 30 — uncle know life. The more a person loves to advise and to impose their point of view in life, the less he knows about life, and all his advice is nothing more than images.

And finally, I note: dude, not proud of the number of years lived, they did not as the ultimate argument in any dispute. Became the example of their Affairs, their deeds and their personal experiences. Age itself is not an argument if it is backed by absolutely nothing. Age will not add to your mind does not make you a more patient and experienced in different things — responsible things like stress, the case, the ability to think critically and to work. They will make you a man, man.

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