You’re so miserable because you don’t know how to relax

We work very hard. And, as we wrote recently, this is not a reason for boasting. A boast of minimal hours of sleep and the build of artrotin and employed comrades who are able to walk well and earn a lot of money. Look at them and wonder how they can. Because in your life you have been disappointed — it gives you only the new concerns and reasons for disorder. And the rest is not humanly impossible. Rather, leisure is more like a continuation of the hard labor of everyday life.

However, to get out of this bail is quite simple, and necessary, first, to cease to be a vegetable; second, to follow our instructions.

Urgent need to rest

Our success at work and at home, is inextricably linked with the way we rest. Otherwise your head will burst from the excess of information and the need to solve problems. Even in moments of supposed rest your brain still works. You consider yourself to be irresponsible and lazy, and your brain works in the language of Vladimir Putin as a crab on a galley.

Are the breaks is vital, because in those moments, our brain is resting, analyzes the experience, honing skills, planning and saving up strength for another March to the ill-fated wheel of everyday life.

So why can’t we do it?

We have everything we could want, right? We can listen to any music, watch any movie, play video games, read any books (except banned too), and if the charm and eloquence pumped to the desired level, then sexual partners can choose what you want. It would seem, to choose what is known, and relax, but to relax somehow fails.

And all because of our approach to stress his need to drink, smoke, to fill with sand again and continue the endless race for the grave.

We live in an era of employment, a notorious slave market. We never relax, the weekend turn into joyless drudgery. Anyone advise a hobby, but it would weaken the fire, there is need for a specific strategy.

Freaked out — and the rest

When we are faced with stress, our instincts are more inclined to the disgraceful flight and panic than to fight for happiness. At such moments, my head is spinning phrase: «I’ve had enough, I quit.» And at this moment it really is better to take off. To drop everything, run away, surrender — call it what you want, just know that there is nothing shameful in this. Our body is not designed for prolonged stress, only a few people with hairy liver and plight that can do this. So your desire as quickly as possible to get rid of the negativity is understandable.

But it is important to understand that stress is a serious psychological burden and that you cannot just take and relax. Relaxation is not serious, it’s still Jack off when covers spermotoksikoz. So, to lose a few, keep the heat down. You need to rest. But need to rest correctly, Feng Shui, and not anyhow. You need to set a goal: what things exactly do you want to escape and relax. Maybe from an excess of people or any physical labor in the circle of people. Exactly clearly stated the smoke makes a dead nerve cells.But relaxation is perfect to prepare for the meeting with stress. What is relaxation? This is when you allow yourself a little more than usual. It’s not a sleep on the bed in her pajamas, and fell asleep on the couch in my work clothes during working hours. Here’s all the same: you can afford to take liberties, which they could not afford before.

Start with your body

Thinker Rousseau defined happiness: «a good Bank account, a good cook and a good digestion». With the first paragraph may have problems, but the last two are quite affordable, especially love to eat it all. And don’t take this the wrong philosopher — a good cook may refer you.

The first step to relaxation is to start taking care of your body. Cornerstone health is a good sleep — the kind of backbone your mental and physical health. Sleep has a direct relationship to your ability to make good decisions. You can’t successfully plan (especially execute) the plans for the restoration of health, if you have a troubled mind. Poor sleep leads to a decrease in testosterone level. And testosterone, for a moment, is more than just male hormone: decreased level of testosterone affects the regenerative processes of the body that causes deterioration of memory and something else also interferes with.

Sleep deprivation leads to increased cortisol levels, which is a trigger for mental illness and reduced resilience of the body. Of course, poor sleep promotes weight loss, so if you want to lose 20 pounds — don’t go to the gym, just sleep 3 hours a day, relax, and get a result… decreased performance and depression.

The body wants to eat

Simple, moderately fine and quite healthy food will allow your body to function for many years. Just drink a sufficient amount of clean drinking water to be of sound mind.

And after drinking, it is necessary to play sports. Do any physical exercise: if you want press, you want — flop, but several minutes is enough to reduce the fatigue and frustration and increase your susceptibility to such important things as a treat. Proven by science.

Walks are also needed

Now we will tell you the thing that will radically change your life. Sit down if you’re standing, lie down if sitting, and get ready. It turns out that walking in the fresh air makes our minds healthier. They say that this is not news, and you knew about this? Of course, he knew this was goldonly more Soviet doctors, but did you know about the benefits of sleep and proper food, but somehow still didn’t follow the advice.

Now, back to our feet. Walking is the best way to get rid of your blood in the right direction to purify the mind from defilement, as well as reset the nervous ballast. While walking, the brain starts to work with such thoroughness and speed that you get with him in the workplace. All normal guys walked: walked on Tolstoy Tula fields, Moses with the Jews walked through the desert, and now the head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, by his own admission, loves to walk in the mountains, he is like a hobby. After all, you want to be like Kadyrov? Come on, all I want, it’s not shameful.

Among other things, is a great cardio workout. They say that in the day you need to take at least 10 km below the heart turned into a piece of dry dog bowel. It is a way to fill your lungs a little bit of fresh air. So it is not necessary to make forced marches with full kit in the fields, enough hour walks, you can even combine business with forced to walk home.

And if to hammer on sleep and health and to go to ephemeral success, it is possible to get lost in an unknown land, where sleeps the eternal sleep patinage dog named Fuck. And when he wakes up is the same you will come.

The budget of working time

Despite all efforts, the border between work and personal life continues to blur. How else do you want to be in good standing — be able to work.

We must do everything possible to work in every way we praised and congratulated, because it determines your future salary. But the more talented and more reliable you become, the more you will require the authorities, and the more colleagues will throw some charges at you. With this in mind, you need to set clear and specific limits on their responsibilities. Let everyone get used to that if you don’t have time to perform your duties, you can not touch it. Show the animals that your lunch break is not established for additional work, and at the end of the day you don’t give free consultations by phone and by e-mail.

Sounds selfish? The way it is. You know, the majority of calls was a cry from the stupid to perform the work for them. For God’s sake, prove your high level of professionalism, but at home all right to be human. In the end, the worse you become, and everyone will understand. Try one of them to write at 10 PM — the phone will not take, saying in the morning that had already gone to bed, although they treacherously betrayed the icon «online». So don’t worry.

The budget of free time

Is the limit on rest time? Yes, they are. Life is unfair, get used to it.

If you work schedule 5/2, then perhaps your every Monday begins with a long wait, the coveted weekend. But once they pass, there comes a ringing emptiness in my soul. Why? Because you’re trying to cram all that can be unhappy for two days. Need to watch the series, and play and create, and fix, and help, and see, and drink, and to find in this graph, the time for sleep.

In addition, you need to go on, seemingly illogical, but an important step is to plan a budget weekend, highlighting himself the amount that is not a pity to spend for fun. Take inventory of what you want to do, but with one small change. Mark the hours on the magic Oblomov doing nothing. For example, read a book then go look at your reflection in the ceiling and feel like you fall dust. And most importantly, without the phone. Put the brain on a journey through the seas of the subconscious. All it takes for it to feel comfortable, to enjoy it.

To find a balance

When you start to limit yourself to stay, you must do something wrong. Especially when it comes to watching TV series, playing games or sleeping. To control them is possible, but difficult, because of the insufficient amount of time for such things threatens the discontent. Not a rush, stick and all. Besides, scientific fact says: if you try to control your surroundings, then it ceases to be fun. And like it turns out some ass, and the method is to be called a failure, but fuck you, you just need to sit and think about the perfect balance between activity and idleness. Maybe more often to take breaks. Let them be shorter, but there will be many. When it comes to entertainment, it is better to do more frequent but shorter breaks if you work more, and without interrupting the process. That is, don’t go to sleep until I scraped the dirt away from the floor.

Divide and rest

Life — a piece difficult. Varying degrees of lousy, but still lousy. We are all martyrs and sufferers, but you have to accept that life will never be the same. Stress, pain, anxiety, the struggle is constant signs of life. And if wear occurs on a regular basis, to relax you need no less. No need to make it a habit, make it part of discipline.

Here’s a tip: if you want to be as productive as possible, you never rest and do not work in one place. Both will equally suffer from the hated Association. You can do your work, distracted by the desire to relax, and whenever you try to relax, Wake up the conscience and remind the backlog. That’s the danger of working from home.

Ideally, your home Desk needs to be away from the bed. Moreover, psychologists, psychiatrists and other Psychonauts recommend even at home to share the closet at work and what to stay. This may seem ridiculous at first glance, but she just wears tank top can ward off all thoughts of entertainment, like the evil janitor drives away with a broom lame frozen kitten. So no need to sit in a jacket, pretty t-shirts, you still work in shorts. And Picasso, for example, have always worked bare-chested.

And try to no stuff from social networks or other strange places does not bother your watch. However, all you need to do with an eye on themselves and not on others. Nobody knows us better than ourselves. The same applies to the needs. Better than you, nobody will do it.

In the end

So what we have in the end? As a result, we have a scheme which needs to be complemented. Starting with sleep, which should last no more and no less than 8 hours, followed by another 30 minutes to recover. You don’t see anything 12 hours straight, right?

Next you need to build a chart on a monthly basis, leaving the hard physical work on the first day of the weekend. You need to have enough time for work and entertainment, but don’t try to cram in one day all at once — humility and patience, my friend.

Don’t forget to drink enough water during the day, because often we confuse fatigue with dehydration.

Exercise — at least 10 push-UPS, because often the weakness is a manifestation of poor physical shape.

Don’t forget about healthy food. You can eat pizza, fries, but only on condition that after you lean to the right on all sides products. Nobody forbids to observe sportpit, it’s even better sports diet disciplinarum.

Most importantly, listen to your body. She will give signals when you need rest and when to work enough. When you open a new tab to surf Facebook or check the news in the VC for the 10th time for an hour or so, it’s time to lie down and do nothing.

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