You’re sick, man

manygoodtips.com_11.12.2014_stRsOK7rbNWx9If you were taken away in an ambulance, this is a clear indication that you have some health problems. Thank you, «Borjomi» can not pour. But the body continuously gives us signals trying to prevent such situation and to get you to care about yourself. So what do we tell our body and what we need to hear? Now try to understand.

1. Poor quality sleep

This is the first signal that your body is a system failure. During sleep, the stress hormone, cortisol, is lowered to its minimum, and work your body slows down in order to successfully recharge the batteries. People suffering from insomnia, not sleeping well due to high cortisol levels and low melatonin. Restless sleep poor quality can be caused by many reasons, but in any case is stressful for the body, therefore, the natural mechanisms of self-repair is turned off, and then you get sick. So you have to be quality sleep.

2. You shrink in height

With age, the decrease in human growth, unfortunately, inevitable. But, even being at a young age, you can lose a few inches tall if you have scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis or other diseases of the spine. Weak muscles, poor stretching, lack of vitamins in the body can also be a catalyst for this unpleasant process. Zatarivatsya calcium, vitamin D and don’t forget to do stretching after each workout.

3. Skin problems

If the skin on your face decided to recall long past the time of your adolescence and to please the colorful acne or eczema, most likely, no «Clearasil» will not save you. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction, or your body clearly shows that the level of stress, malnutrition, disturbances of metabolism through the roof.

4. You catch colds more than anyone else

Each of us is vulnerable to the negative effects of viruses and bacteria, and healthy people are usually able to overcome these pathogens. If you snuffles after a few minutes to talk with their friends in the cold, or fall down with temperature, when your colleague at work, and at the table next to a cold, lightly coughing is an obvious sign, in the spirit of the Cap that your immune system is not in the best condition and need to fix this thing as quickly as possible.

5. Itchy skin

As in the third paragraph, it can be a symptom of Allergy and can be an alarming symptom of liver disease. If you feel heaviness in the right hypochondrium, and after the adoption of fatty foods the pain is worse, plus added to this itching and bitter taste in mouth – take a taxi oprashivaya from work and go to the doctor.

6. You’re always tired

The chronic fatigue epidemic exploded about 30 years ago that explain the sharp jump in scientific-technical progress, mass computerization and the increase of occupations, involving mental work. Many people ignore this problem, believing that made up for on the weekend, hours of sleep, the fatigue will go away, but usually that does not happen. Such a dismissive attitude towards their health in turn causes reduction in the body’s resistance to stress and infections.

7. Snoring

Snoring may be the only early sign of sleep apnea – a disorder characterized by blockage of the Airways, which increases the risk of pulmonary hypertension complicated by heart failure.

8. Chapped lips, especially in the corners of the mouth

The disease, also known as «cheilitis» is the first sign of a deficiency of b vitamins, especially vitamin B12, whose deficiency can cause anemia.

9. Urine dark yellow

The water balance is necessary to maintain a healthy body. And if your urine has a dark yellow color, one of the reasons may be lack of fluid consumption. Coffee, alcohol, sodas brushed aside at once as they only dehydrate the body. Your choice must lie on a simple clean drinking water, herbal or green tea, fresh juice.

10. Regular constipation

Healthy tough guys consistently sit on the potty, and sometimes twice a day. During this fascinating process healthy gut excretes toxins and frees up space for new nutrients. Otherwise, the toxins can penetrate through the intestinal mucosa, enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation. Make friends with the toilet – and you will have happiness and health!

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